Chocolate Advent Calendar Help IN Anorexia

That’s maybe a weird post… but I wanted to do it. Yes,… because I think!

The Advent Calendar is in first for little kids for make them wait for Christmas. I think that it’s not only for kids traditions for christmas… but in adults traditions. Actually, there are a lot of differents types of calendar with parfums, nail polish, tea, beers, etc…

But today, I wanted to talk of Chocolate Calendar and how they can helps peoples with Anorexia.
I believe that I started the way of recovery from Anorexia a little like a Advent Calendar… A Little by Little.

I love Advent Calendar and this year my calendar is this one on the photo above, ‘I choose Kinder Surprise’. I will not lying, I dreaming this one since years ago.


I think that Chocolate Advent Calendar can be a BIG help in Anorexia recovery!


For the simple reason:

When we are Anorexia calories are a big problem and the principale thing for a advent calendar and of eat a little thing every days until christmas. In a little thing there is not a lot of calories… it’s a little thing, but it’s every single days (until 24 of Course) and it’s a good thing for the recovery of anorexia, not eat too much big for feeling bad after it’s not the reply for recovery, eat a little each days I think it’s the THING for recovery from Anorexia.

That’s my message.



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