Celebrate The Victories

I have often saw on Instagram some quotes about the importance to celebrate the victories and THE SMALL also. Celebrate the victories small or big are not something that I was doing. I don’t know! I’m not able to do something during 10 years but when I’m finally manage to do it it’s like if it was not since all these times that I was not able to do it. And I’m passing to what is next without really stopping to appreciate or even REALIZE what I have done. I don’t know why! I’m working like that!

These past months has been special in different ways and particularly hard on my mental health between my C-PTSD and falling down in depression again since the lockdown. The motivation and victories are really hard to make and even if I have done some victories, I noticed them again less than usually.

Falling in depression more and more, I was looking again more on positive quotes to try keep going and celebrate the victories was something that I was seeing again and again. After a few thoughts, I told myself that it was maybe something to try. Not for more motivation, not for maybe make more victories that I’m not able at the moment. It’s rather in the way to stop and realize on the victories that I’m doing. Like told above, I often don’t realize when I’m doing something even of big, once that I managed to do it even if it’s related to my social anxiety, I have done it and it’s like if it was normal and I don’t stop on it even a few minutes even if it’s a really big victories like the first time that I have done a first phone call and FaceTime with my psychiatrist this summer, a thing that I was not able to do since 10 years because of my social anxiety.


Like it’s something that I never done, I didn’t know how to celebrate the victories. Well! I was looking on Pinterest on what way I could to celebrate the victories and something who could works for me and during I challenged my mind if it was something to do because I didn’t see the interest really.

After a few weeks to looking, I finally found a system who could maybe works for me. The idea, write down on a ticket what is the victory and write down a number between 1-5 for tell if it was a SMALL or BIG victory and place it in a jar. On a side, I create a reward list and I could pick one thing inside it when I placed a victory ticket in the jar. Well! There is a lot of different things on the list with different prices and the idea is if it’s a small victory, take a thing on the list with a small price and if it’s a big victory take a thing with a bigger price. Ok! Currently, nothing is bigger than 100€ on my list.

It’s exploring a new way on myself also. Buy some things, whatever it is (clothes, tech,…) is not something that I love to do, not only about money but I don’t like buy stuffs, I prefer place my money on my Disneyland Paris trips currently. That’s my goal! I can buying nothing else really in one all month. I have a few things small or big that I could love to buy, some times it’s since months but I finally never buy them, because in one side of my head, I told me that I haven’t really need of these stuffs. Maybe I need, maybe I do not need?! Right! I’m not a buyer but why not buy a few small things sometimes. Of course, it’s could be some things that I love or that I wanted for one reason and the best is that this reason is useful. But why not buy a few things even if they do not have the best utility in my life but who could spark me joy and I could use them. This is rule! That I could use them and more than once, it’s a nightmare for me to buy something that I couldn’t use it or only once.

I decided to try to put these two things in one. Celebrate the victories by picking up something on the list that I wanted but that I never buy before. Seriously, some times I don’t know really why I’m doing that because I have always a really hard time to stop on the victories that I’m doing. Right! This system is here only since a few weeks also. But I’m trying to notice, stop and realize the victories small or big that I’m doing and that I don’t notice.

It’s not motivating me more, it’s not make me more happy! But I take it like a self care project and to stop and realize on what I do and progress on my mental health. That is it! Do you celebrate your victories? What way to use to reward you? Thanks for stopping by!



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