Cat Photography

Recently, I took a big decision… Since a lot of time I had it in my head but I did not do before… but I read a post of a blogger that I follow and who recently lost his dog of cancer and she consecrated a post about his dog with a lot of beautiful photos.


I love to do photos sessions of my cat during special holidays, Christmas,… but I never really took a real photo session in his natural environment, with her favorites toys, things that she loves,… when I saw the photos of the bloggers with her dog. I told me, a day, I could lose my cat and what memories I want to do have? The real memories are in my head and that’s could to be the only real and best memories. But I could be loving to have beautiful photos of my cat for accompanied these memories. Where for when I could talking to someone of my memories with my sweet “Leo”.


About my cat and photos: I love taking my cat in photography, it’s an of my best thing in life but when I took photos session with Christmas theme,… she doesn’t loved so after that I did not test anymore for taking photos sessions with her. I want me but I did not want that my cat is uncomfortable.


But when I saw the post on a blog. I really told me that I wanted more beautiful photos of my cat… But I had in the ideas to do on a different way that during my Christmas theme photos sessions. The idea was to do some photos in her natural world, my cat is an indoor cat except when it’s hot outside, so I told me that’s could not much complicated. I took and have chosen all her favorites stuff/toys,… and I added in the sessions a lot of cuddles for her and me, like that us together we are happy!


I did five photos sessions with until today in the last couple of weeks. All was a success except the last because it’s really hot in France and my cat wants just to be outside when it’s hot. When I faced the refusal of my cat I canceled the session for that she is not uncomfortable. I just want a good and cuddle time between us.


Few months ago, I did a post four things about my cat here. Here, in the sessions I use her favorites things. My cat loves blankets, furs, little mousses or balls, shrimps, whipped cream, these are her favorites things.

The thing she loves the best it’s snuggling, snuggling and again snuggling, I can’t a lot cuddling her in cause of my allergies so during the sessions I take the time to cuddles her. It’s just so good.


My lovely Leo. You are so sweet. I love you so much.

My heart is full with you.




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