Bucket List Before I’m 30

I love to do some lists. Two facts: I love to do some lists and on daily life I do not have the choice to do some lists because I forget all, my memory at short-term is terrible, I forget all. It happens since many months but I just realized it’s a symptom of my C-PTSD. Right! I do a lot of lists! My current days are hard, I’m exhausted and depressed, if I have some goals for my life during the next year and my biggest dream like to live in the USA. I miss of motivation in my life between these two sides.

The other day, I decided to do a bucket list before I’m turning 30, so, I have twenty-two years old. I thought it was a good project. I don’t know exactly what I want before I’m 30. I don’t know if I want to have a real relationship and to have kids before 30. I don’t know, maybe, maybe not?! I’m not capable to say it right now. On another side, last week on an afternoon I took the time to thought and write down already what I’m sure I would like to do before I’m 30. Well! I have eight years, rather seven and a half years to do this bucket list. It’s a lot of time but not really! Sometimes when I’m thinking about what beautiful progress I have done these last years, I remember when I was sixteen and I feel like if it was yesterday, but it was six years ago. Not so long before I could to have 30 years old! I could not maybe accomplish all things in this list before I have 30 but I intend to do my BEST! I have some big and some little on this list. And that’s cool! I love the bucket list that I have done! Today, I’m sharing here my bucket list before I’m 30. Ready, set, go!

Write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years. I can’t believe that I will say that but the things change and in a good way generally if we see the positive despite some hard times. The good happens also, it’s can to be hard to see it on the more difficult days. My way to seeing the things change and sometimes I would love to have a letter writing 10 years ago and read it on the bad days. It’s could to be definitely a thing to do before I’m 30, write a letter and open it 10 years later.

Surround myself with my favorite things. Probably the most important thing for me, in my daily life until the end but I want to particularly learn to do it before I’m 30, I want to surround myself with the things that I love. From the biggest to the smallest things BUT things that I love. It’s always helpful during living with mental illness.

Travel. I want to do in my life traveling a priority! I clearly want to discover the world and new countries, to do new adventures. I want to travel and taking photos and videos in new places. At this moment I probably don’t know again all destinations that I would love to do in my entire life. But! I have these that I want discovery before I’m turning 30. Amsterdam, Copenhagen, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hawaï, Washington DC, Finland, London, Iceland, Italy, Greece. I want to travel around the swiss aboard a panoramic train. Talking about travel again, I recently talked in a post, I want to discover the cruise world. I dream particularly for a cruise in the Mediterranean and in the Fjords before my 30.

Visit all Disney Parks around the world & do Disney Cruise. I could have written in my travel goal but I wanted to separate it in two goals! I currently find happiness in the Disneyland Paris parks. I constantly try to plan there, until the end of the year, I fixed myself to go every one and half month. I feel happy and mentally good in Disneyland. And I love to take photos. I know only Disneyland Paris parks… I would absolutely love to discover all the Disney parks around the world and particularly the one where all has started in California before I’m 30.

Have a job I love. It’s an of my big goal in my life, have a job that I love! I would love to work with cameras. A job where I can manage like I want my hour’s work. And necessary where sweatpants are all time accepted. I would love to work from home but I want to work outside also. I have a wish to work on the production of tv shows.

Save Money. I want a separate bank account to save money. Save money for travel, save money for emergency cases. I want when I create my money plans for each month, save money is a big place where money could to go. I already started this!

Minimalist life. Well! Minimalist helps so much my mental health. I love minimalist! I started about 6 years ago. Minimalist does not want to say to have nothing! Minimalist wants to say to have just what you need and what you love. Minimalist wants to say to make memories rather than buy stuff again and again! To live a minimalist lifestyle in daily life could help me save more money for my goal to travel!

Live in another country. Well! Probably, the biggest thing of my life and my biggest dream. I do not want to stay all my life in France for a few different reasons. I want to take the big step and live in another country. I have a big love for the USA. In reality, I write this goal in my bucket list before I’m 30 but I don’t know if I could really to be ready to do it before I’m 30. I dream it but I could see the opportunities in my life and if it’s for my 31st birthday it’s ok also.

Learn a new language. My native language is French, I know English and I’m in perpertual learning again. Well! I could love to learn spanish maybe. I already tried a little so I could try again and to do my best and get involved inside learn spanish.

Ride a Helicopter. A fun, a crazy adventure, I would love to ride a helicopter. I don’t know where but I have a liking above a sea rather than a city destination.

Ride a Jetski. I dreamed to do it last year in Ajaccio but I haven’t done it finally and definitely on my bucket list to do it before I’m 30.

Learn to drive. It’s could to be a helpful tool in my life to know drive. So, yes! I have 22 and I don’t know drive because of my social phobia and anxiety. I currently in the work to have my driving theory. First step! Currently, my biggest motivation to learn drive is to could to go in the mountains to skiing when I want.

Skiing in the night. It looks so fun! I would love to try skiing in the night with lights on the runs.

Learn to surf. Well! I love skiing! This is my winter sport but I would like to learn to surf like a summer activity. It’s sliding as the ski. Right! On the list to try.

Get a pedicure/manicure. I never was to do a pedicure or even manicure. I never put nail polish on my nails. It’s could to be a girly thing to do. Looks fun?! I don’t know! But to do it once before I’m turning 30.

Swim with dolphins. I absolutely love dolphins! It’s my favorite animal! Swim with dolphins is clearly a dream.

Workout routine. In my life, I want to do sport an important part so I would find a workout routine.

Go to a concert. Never been but definitely again an experience to do absolutely before I’m 30.


Well! That it is! My bucket list before I’m 30! Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. Also, my favorite quote comes an of my favorite current people – Walt Disney: You can dream it, you can do it.


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