BPD Update

This is a almost one year ago that I posted my About my Borderline Personality Disorder post, in one year, a lots of things to changed, my ways for managed to daily life, my mind to change, it’s simple (not always) and so productive.


A thing has change a lots it’s my manners when I react to face to a talk, simple thing can transform me in Rage Person before, since I learned and I manage to take the things more calmy, all situations do not permits take things with calm but a lots, YES!!!


My Black VS White mind is least present also.


About my fears of being abandoned is always here but in fact that depending of situations, some situations like “my mother scream always after me despite that it’s my sister is culpable”, here I think that she did not loves me and wants abandoned me and some situations like “they didn’t love me and will be reject me”, I manage to resonate me in first part and told myself try go it see them, you will see and after that only I fix my if my fears are necessary or not


MY BEST THING for manage my anger is to be in a clear with these room colors and/or a place that I love.

This year school, during my Photography Formation, I did myself a personal project for took all emotions of a Borderline Personality Disorder feels in capture of Photography.


I tried also relax, yoga in situation of anger but it did not work, I need more active activities.


I did good progress with my therapist in my therapy also.


I take always my Lamictal daily. I did a Update Drugs in May here. The drugs I did not think really can to be a help in BPD, except just for managed few littles symptoms, it’s all.


It’s real sometimes I did relapse in my manage but ALWAYS cause of a rather big problem.


BONUS: This Blog is a great helping, write, daily it’s allow me to do goals, understand some things and mostly found solutions in some situations… OMG, He Helps me so so much much this blog!!!


Beige, White, Blue Pastel, Clear and Minimal are REALLY my best THINGS for managed my anger and BPD Symptoms in all that.


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