Birthday at Disneyland Paris 2018

I’m home from Disneyland Paris! Monday, I spent a day at Disneyland Paris for my birthday. This year, I wanted for the first time to celebrate my birthday and after thoughts, I’m going on to do a Disneyland Paris trip. I was one time back in 2012 at Disney with my family. For this trip, I decided to go on one day and in solo for wrapping the year (2018) or I started to travel in solo. I went by tgv. I left home at 05h00am and got have 3 hours of ride to go at Disneyland. Way back at 05h00pm by tgv with a connection to Strasbourg. I was at home at 09h00pm. I was such a big day. Magical! But really hard also! Because a few days before I had the flu, on sunday the fever was down but on monday, I had a lot of headaches and some sick times again. Well! My head was not in the right place so I did not manage to have the big feeling of this magical place. I’m a little sad! But now I have all the memories! And I feel the magic!

I started to planned this birthday trip months ago, and when I discovered also that this year it’s Mickey 90th Birthday and it is celebrated in all the parks. I found that fun! That I choose this same year for going at Disneyland for my birthday. Little fun!

I arrived in front of the park around 08h30. I was sunrise and so beautiful! The park opens at 10h00am but finally the doors were already opening at 9h30am. Right! Cool! And the day started by taking photos on Main Street USA. My favorite place about the park. In the morning, I stroll in the Castle. I did It’s a Small World. Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. Before backing on Main Street USA around 11h30am for the christmas parade.


The christmas parade was amazing. It was my favorite time about the day. It was so festive and the christmas music who accompanied it was so the best.


Just follow the parade, I left the Disneyland Park and going in the Walt Disney Studios. I spent the big part of my afternoon there. I took the show representation at 12h50pm and assisted at the Mickey Christmas Big Band show. It was a seriously amazing show! I love it so much! All from the costumes to the christmas music like Let it Snow, Jingle Bells, Mickey played drums. It was amazing.!


After the show I walked, eaten a little and I went going to ride the Ratatouille attraction. Well! The bonus to going in solo at Disneyland! There is single riders line. The normal line waiting was 55 minutes, in 10 minutes I had already finish the attraction. It’s awesome! Right! I do not really do attractions. It’s not my thing! But I love Ratatouille. It’s fun! In 4D.


I went at the Art of Disney Animation. It was so cool for me who loves all the cameras and behind the scenes. Around 03h20pm. Another show. Outside at the bottom of The Hollywood Tower this time. It was #SurpriseMickey. A little show about Minnie does a surprise for Mickey’s birthday. It was such cool! After that, I say bye to Walt Disney Studios and I come back at Disneyland Park for my last hour.


I stayed on Main Street USA and did all the souvenirs shops.


At 04h30pm I left the park for the gare station. I wanted to stay a little again to see the christmas decorations lights in dark but I was not able. Too tired after this big day and about 17000 steps and again sick times from my last day’s flu. I took the way and say bye to Disneyland Paris. But before I took a little tour in the Disneyland Hotel Hall to see this beautiful, giant and real gingerbread house. It was just so beautiful!


I grabbed a delicious hot cocoa at the gare and catch up my tgv at the Gare de Marne La Vallée (just next five minutes from the parks, so practical) after a connection at Strasbourg around 07h00pm, I was at home around 09h00pm. What a big day!


I was a beautiful and amazing day despite that I did not feel the big Disney magic because of my flu sides again. I did not find long the 3 hours of tgv in the morning and the 3 hours back home in evening. I had the impression that it was so short. I tried to sleep during the rides. I’m happy to have managed my goal to go at Disneyland Paris this year for my birthday. I could never forget it! In solo, I was such good, I could to do what I wanted me and take the time to take all the photos that I wanted.

What a exceptional day!


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