Between Anxiety. Life Lately

I trying to write a Life Lately today for summary my week of what I did in despite of my lots of anxiety attacks.


I was and always a little sick in more… I have a flu-like symptoms.

Anxiety attacks are cray hard to manage in these times.

I wear a lots this week my new favorites leopard scarf for cover my throat, it was a little good to have a fav all long day around your neck when you are not good.

My daily routine inclue watching Tv Shows in afternoon and in these times it’s 7th Heaven.

‘Tis season. A.L.L P.U.M.P.K.I.N. Thinking a lots all about Pumpkin.

I baked some Cinnamon Rolls this week, I ate approximately 10 in six days.

This is NCIS time with new episodes of season 14 on Friday.

Sunday Baking Day.

Talk of memories.

I looking about Fall Season PhotoShoot and all in this list I want a lots of photograph times.

A big time… I went alone at my psychiatrist visit on Monday and my psychiatrist escorted me until the gare station in cause of my Anxiety.

Hawai 5-0 season 1 time, and bonus, I had my favorite episode of season 1 this tuesday.

I feel bad… I love put me in this little space by moments, it’s little and I must fold up on me and when, I’m not good I like fold up on me.

This is when you wear a sweater that you love you are in a best mind.


This is a view of my week with my anxiety attacks, it’s hard to manage these times, Here.




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