10 Best Things To Do in Nice, France

If you read my blog for a while you know that Nice, France is my favorite city. I traveled several times with my parents over there AND I same chosen Nice for my first ever SOLO Trip in Avril 2018. I’m feel good in this city. The first time I traveled in Nice it was in August 2015 and I have already few trips of planned in the next months/years, including my second solo trip in October. #ILoveNice.


#1 Promenade Des Anglais. The hit. Of Nice.


#2 La Promenade du Paillon. This is my favorite place in Nice. A beautiful place in the city surrounded by some trees, palms,… a little place of peace. And my favorite thing ever inside all that, it’s the water mirror with the water jets. On night, the water jets are lights up in blue, red, white and it’s really, really, really so beautiful. La Promenade du Paillon is to see by day and also by night.


#3 La Colline du Chateau (Castle Hill). An awesome place for walk, La Colline du Chateau overhang Nice and climb in let you show an incredible view on Nice and particularly La Promenade Des Anglais. His waterfall is also a hit to see.


#4 Place Massena. By her colors, by her statue, by her fountains and all around just next to La Promenade du Paillon et Le Jardin Albert 1er. La Place Massena is a place to come see and enjoy the feeling that it gives you.


#5 Old Town. (La Vieille Ville). La Vieille Ville is a part of Nice to see absolutely, this is a place so beautiful by her colorful buildings.


#6 Le Jardin Albert 1er. Next to La Promenade du Paillon, Le Jardin Albert 1er is an awesome and calm place with a lot of nature.


#7 Port. Big, little boats, beautiful building colors.


#8 Quai des Etats-Unis. Le Quai des Etats-Unis is in the lengthiness of the La Promenade des Anglais, walking until the end and you do not regret it. A Beautiful Panoramic view on La Promenade des Anglais and the beach.


#9 Avenue Jean Medecin. A long street with all stores, commerces that you want.


#10  Parc Phoenix. Behind the Airport. A peaceful place with a lot of nature, trees, beautiful water jets, flowers… And a lot of animals from turtles to kangaroos, a perfect place for adults and kids. This park is awesome.


10 Best Things To Do in Nice, France.




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