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Today, it’s a different post that usually because I will share the behind the scenes of “Peanut Recovery”.


Before starting, here a little introduction of me and my blog, for my recently new followers.


I’m a 21 years old girl with a lot of mental disorders, principally borderline disorder, depression, anxiety, anorexia and eating disorders, ocd, panic disorder, social anxiety and lack of autonomy…in 2017 I progressed a lot on all my disorders and principally on my social anxiety and my lack of autonomy, in April 2018 I did my first solo trip. I have always anxiety but I have autonomy also now.

I have created this blog there is two years ago! I started to do it because I love reading some blogs and after a lot of thinking I told me that can be a help in my mental health. When I started I will not have thought that two years later I could to do it again and I LOVING TO DO IT. I love so much blogging, my blog is a lifestyle blog of one person with mental disorders among a lot, I blog my everyday life with my mental problems, my goals, my ideas, what things help me, recipes, my travel, how I feel about that or that, ok, that’s my blog.

The work behind the scenes of my blog is principally a love time. I love working on my blog, sometimes I work and write for share my ideas during complete days. One thing, my blog I do it for myself, anyone in my entourage know that I have a blog. They saw me spend hours on my MacBook in my room on my bed or outside in summer but they don’t know exactly what I do on.

I can work hours in a day on my posts for my blog but generally I work more between 11h00 am to 12h00 pm or between 01h30 pm to 03h00 pm, 05h30 pm to 07h00 pm and sometimes when I want late in the night. I work when I want and when I love work, if a day I do not want to work and take a break, I do it.

Because I can… for many reasons. I blog five posts by week, from Monday to Friday and sometimes I add even the weekend, if I want or I have a lot of posts that I have planned. I can take a break sometimes and continue to manage my weekly schedule because I plan in advance my posts. During this summer, I took a little break of my Thursday or Friday weekly posts but for the rest of the year, my schedule and full on Thursdays with my life lately and on Fridays with Friday Favorites who are write down on my planner. The rest of the week, I plan sometimes one week in advance or sometimes already three weeks before, that’s depending of a lot of things, like the season, my feelings,… I can sometimes change to the last minutes, but I have always an idea of what I want to talk/write and for the weeks with no inspirations… I started a note in my evernote iPhone app where each time that I have an idea of something to do a post with, I write it, because my posts ideas can come at any moment, and when I have no inspirations I searched on my “posts list ideas”, it’s like that I call it.

When I know what I want to do like post and when, I write down in my planner on the day that I have chosen. I have a vision more clear of what I want to do and for when I planned to do it. Generally, I start to write my posts few days before post it, like that I have the time for write it like I want and when I write I have often need to check many times until I found that all is good! That’s left me the time and I try always that my posts are ready already the day before, of course, it’s not on all kind of posts, the last minute posts or my life lately and Friday Favorites are finish to be written in the day that I post them.

I plan always, that’s permits me to have some contents for my blog and I love to have regularly some contents on my blog.


Pssstt: When I write down my posts in my planner I add always some stickers and the Erin Condren are my favorites. I talked about here.

I use evernote app on my iPhone for write my post ideas, but I write my post on my MacBook, he is my favorite best companion, generally the most of the time it’s on my bed that I write my posts with my BLANKET, I can sometimes write it on my desk but I do not love really work on my desk.

I can sometimes be watching a tv show or movie in the same time that I write a post but it’s rarely because I can’t stay concentrate on the both together.

The photos that I put in my posts are principally from my iPhone 6s but from time to time they can come from my Canon 200D. I use few different softwares for retouch/write on my photos, the most time I use my iPhone with the apps Snapseed and Moldiv and on my MacBook I work with PhotoShop.

A last important thing, my blog is a therapy for me, that’s give me good and help me to recovery. I thank all peoples who follow me and support me. It’s in my heart!


It was a Behind The Scenes of Peanut Recovery blog.


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