August Top Five

Right! It’s time to challenge my mind since these tough days and find a few favorites. It’s a real challenge! I was always recovering of my first grandma passing away in more of my flashbacks and general anxiety since one and a half month ago. And yesterday, my second grandma is passed away. It’s really tough and special to only one month apart. I’m questioning myself about life and how living! I haven’t again found the good answers after more of one and half month. Last week, I was sick to go and I canceled my only psychiatrist visit in five weeks and this week she’s again on some vacation. I’m here, alone with all this in my head! I have really need a good therapy day! Let try to find some good!


1. Learn Flags. I launched me the challenge to learn flags of countries around the world. I want to travel and I thought that learn the flags of the country where I want to go is the first respectful thing about the country. I have a first list of countries that I would like to visit but I found fun to learn all flags. Right! All flags it’s hard! There are so many, and some countries that I have never hear the name! I know almost all flags of European countries and these from North and South America. It’s about 80 flags already. It’s already pretty good! Right?!

2. Friends. It’s summer and no new episodes again of my favorite Tv shows until the end of September. I haven’t really re-watched Tv shows during summer but a few weeks ago I watched a few episodes of Friends (it was a long time that I haven’t watched) and I’m obsessed now. I’m watching Friends all the time. By day and by night! Yes! Because since my grandma passing away I have really big sleeping troubles. I sleep not before 2 am and I’m scared alone in my bedroom. So I keep watching all night and fall asleep with. Thanks to Netflix who after a bunch of episodes ask you if you’re watching again and if you are not answering they turn off them the episodes.

3. Now to cast with Prime Video. Netflix was an of my favorite because with my Chromecast I can to cast on my tv but Prime Video includes a lot more of my favorite Tv shows and sadly I was forced to watch them on my iPad (because when I’m watching I’m doing also something on my laptop) and Prime Video does not permit to cast with the Chromecast. During updated my apps on my iPad, I saw that finally it’s now possible to cast from Prime Video. I could now be watching Psych, NCIS, Monk, and co on my tv also.

4. Art Therapy. I recently talked about art therapy in a post here. I’m doing a lot! Almost every day. I’m proud of myself that I keep going art therapy because before I was even not able to draw something because I’m really bad to draw. Now, I do it and I love to use watercolors. In the post, I talked that I have done a lot of abstract because I was bad to drawing and these last times, I wanted to draw more real things. I love drawing the mountains because I love the mountains and I miss ski so much but I try always to draw the mountains in different ways to develop my creativity and to improve my drawing skills.

5. French Toast. I shared my french toast recipe last week. But mostly, I talked about my very lack of enjoying food since weeks. But a few days ago, I wanted to eat french toast and I was surprised. It was like if it was unreal! I have enjoyed to eat them. I ate a few of french toast since.

Well! These are my August top five! What are your favorites in August? Thanks for reading!



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