August Movies Review

It’s August Movies Review.


On this last month of summer 2018, I had in mind to watch fun/comedy movies and I did it. I watched the big number of 6 movies and I had fun to watch all movies.


Let’s see August movies.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop. I found this movie in Netflix, in himself it’s a good fun movie with hilarious scenes but many times I found him also boring. It’s probably me also because in general I have few problems for stay concentrate on all complete movie without to be boring. It’s a hilarious movie.

American Pie: Band Camp. I have never watched American Pie movies. Found on Prime Video and like I searched for fun and summer movies for this last month of summer. It’s a cool teen movie.

Marc & Russel’s Wild Ride. It’s my favorite of the month. For many reasons. I do not have driver’s license and I’m in the mind to start the process for go until him. I never tried to pass my driver license because I was in the mind to do like Marc… FAILS. It was a really fun movie, it’s rarely but I’m managed to stay concentrate during almost all time of the movie. I loved it!

Euro Trip. I searched fun summer movies to watch on Prime Video and I found this… I don’t know but I wanted to watch it, I never watched this kind of movie. Like I live in europe, that’s interest me a bit. It was a fun movie but I did not find him great.

Charlie and the chocolate factory. This weekend, the weather has stepped down a lot from 30°C it was 18°C all weekend, cold and cloudy, Saturday afternoon under my blanket I wanted to watch the chocolate factory… after that’s I drunk a hot chocolate.

Ted. I loved the story of this movie. This is a so cute and sweet story. I loved this movie.


That’s wrap august movies review. Next month, Halloween movies here I come.

To see all movies I watched in 2018. HERE.




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