Art Therapy

The power of art therapy! A few months ago, I have let enter into my life some art therapy times. When I started, it was like a new challenge. A few years ago, my psychiatrist always asked me if I wanted to draw when I was not able to talk but I told her always, NO! because I did not know what drawing and had no creativity but because also I felt bad to draw. I’m bad to drawing, really bad, I don’t know drawing but I realize that it’s because I have never really drawn in my life even when I was a child. I read on many places online that art therapy can to be very helpful to fight anxiety and I wanted to develop my creativity also. Right! I decided to launch me finally!


Of the fact of this realization, I let me now the time to practice slowly. In the first time, I have always coloring but a few weeks ago, I wanted really trying watercolors, I bought me a set and I’m in love. I love watercolors! Since I started I try to do some art therapy regularly, I wanted maybe to do at least 30 minutes by day and like I practice hand lettering beside. I try to do one day art therapy and the next day hand lettering and maybe the both during the day if I have the time and the mood to do it.

I recently bought me a watercolors pad and paper pad from Arteza and I love them. I place me in a comfortable corner with my favorite cozy things. Before starting I close my eyes and try to concentrate me on my breathe during one minute. About what art I’m doing… I do sometimes some things that I love like mountains or Mickey head and sometimes I do some abstracts arts. I left my mind to guide me and pick up the colors. Like I’m not a good drawer I love to do some abstracts. And it’s really made me understand that art therapy is not only for artists.


This is the goal of art therapy! The times that I practice art therapy, I’m able to reduce my flashbacks and or anxiety a bit and sometimes completely during the time that I practice this activity. It’s depending some days, how I feel, and mostly how much are my flashbacks before starting. But it permits me to reduce them! It’s pretty good because the other activities who reduce my flashbacks and anxiety are not easy to access, so at home, I can practice regularly art therapy.

Do you practice art therapy? Does it help you?



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