April Top Five

 Welcome back on my monthly series “Top Five” In this series, I share each month, my absolute top five during the month. I think that is pretty precious! It’s always a good reflection because despite some hard days it helps me to keep in mind that there is some good too. Today, I’m sharing my top five April favorites. In April, I had some days with some various feelings and a lot of days with high anxiety! But I have my top five!


1- Solo trip in Paris.

I have done it! The third week of April, I went on my solo trip in Paris. Well! It was an awesome solo trip! It’s of course, my biggest favorite of April! This solo trip surprised me on how I was able to manage my anxiety and particularly social anxiety. It is astonishing to me! I loved this new solo adventure! The big deal also. Before Paris anxious me so much and for this reason I did not love so much this city. Now, I can tell I love Paris, it’s not my favorite city, but I can love it! I shared my recaps, part one and part two.


2- Watercolor Brush Pens.

I love to do hand lettering! I’m not an expert it’s only few months that I started! But! It helps me on my anxiety and generally let me take a break of my obsessional thoughts. Before I used simple pencils or pens to do it and since a time I looked on some watercolor brush pens. I finally launched me and bought these Arteza, a pack of 24 for starting and I love them. I love these brush pens! The quality looks good!


3- Nutella Banana Grilled Sandwich.

I have always some troubles with eating. But! I always try to add fruits to my already favorites food. I have also a fruits food challenge for May. Stay tuned. I love Nutella grilled sandwich (you can find the recipe here), I just added sliced banana inside and it’s again better than just the Nutella grilled sandwich.


4- Milka Mini Easter Eggs.

My favorites chocolate are from Milka and Lindt. One day in a store, I found these mini eggs in Easter department and out of the fact who are cute. I loved to eat them!


5- Disneyland Paris youtube channel.

I recently discovered the youtube channel of Disneyland Paris. If you read my blog since a while you know that I love Disneyland Paris now and it’s my happy place (with skiing in the mountains). I was at Disneyland Paris twice recently and I have my two next trips to planned and I want to plan many other trips again. I’m currently in the thinking to buy me an Annual Pass Holder. I am in the thought… I love watching and discovering some things about the parks in their videos, particularly the little details, me who loves to photograph the little details in the parks.


Well! These are my April top five! What things are your top favorites on the list in April? xoxo.



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