April Movies Review

It’s april movies review.


In the first fortnight of april I did not watched any movies and after in the two last weeks I watched 6 movies. Whao… I love some movies that I watched and some movies I did not like them, my bpd disorder was come back when I watched some movies and I felt angry and mad.


Let’s see movies review.

Silver Linings Playbook. This movies I watched it during a night at 03h00am on my solo trip in Nice because I can’t sleep, I started to watch it in the night and I finished the next day. Seriously, I don’t understand some movies duration of two hours, it’s already hard for me to follow a movie of 1h30 so a movie of 2h00 I’m lost. Ok, if not I did not liked really this movie, it’s a good movie for talk of mental disorders and I think all peoples with any mental disorders should watch this movie… but I do not like it, except the time of the movie, for me this movie depresses me because I found that there is not enough of living in this movie. I don’t know, I do not like movies with not enough of living… I try do not concentrate me in my mental disorders in despite of all my disorders I try to have more living in my own life so watching a movie with the story concentrate only on mental disorders, depresses me. I think this like even a good movie who speaks of mental disorders and I advice to everyone with mental disorders and who has not watched it yet, to watch it.


Look who’s talking. I had never watching this movie before, I found him so fun and I love it. This story to do talk the baby and show what a baby can to have in the head, I think that fun. The writers of this movie did a really good work. I’m excited to see the next movies.


Little Fockers. This movie I did not liked also, my bpd has woken up during watching this movie and I did not support to see Jack not to trust in Greg and seriously when I saw that, I wanted hit Jack and I felt so sad for Greg. NOT WATCH IT AGAIN.


Daddy’s Home. This movie was a of my favorite, I love the living in this movie, this movie is so fun. I love it. The rivalry between the two dads has woken up my bpd also and sometimes I was mad but this movie I love it. That’s show how a really daddy must take care of his kids. The scenes of the movie with the motorbike cross the house or with the skatepark in the garden, I laughed a lot. Fun!


Blank check. This movie is good and can make dream for a kid. It’s a good children movie more but I loved it like even… my favorite thing also it’s that Miguel Ferrer is in the cast and this actor who played in NCIS L.A. (a of my favorite Tv Show). Miguel Ferrer is dead on January 19, 2017 after to have struggling with a cancer and I was so sad when it’s happened, I loved when he played in NCIS L.A.


FireHouse Dog. I loved watch this movie. I watched a lot of dog’s movies and this one is so good. A dog wants just to be a dog… My favorite scene is when Rexxx choose to jump of the balcony of the apartment when he heard the firefighters truck for rejoin the firefighters.


These are the movies that I watched in april, it’s a lot complicated, in cause of my bpd disorders I did not managed to love some good movies who have received some oscars. I felt so bad when I think that. I hope a day I could watched them and love them.

Thanks for reading.


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