April Goals 2019

It’s time to write my goals for April. The month of March bothers me in my switching emotions. Ok! Right! I had some good times also like my Disneyland Paris day trip, ski sessions. The hardest thing was to stop the Sertraline and I do not finish again. A little recap of March goals before these of April.

In March I wanted…

Disneyland Paris day. Oh boy! Disneyland Paris is officially my second happy place! I had a nice time to enjoy the parks and taking photography. I’m looking currently for my next Disneyland Paris trips.

Wrap up ski season. I’m so sad that winter is over! In the mountains at skiing is my happy place! Mid-March, I wrapped up my second year of skiing, it was an amazing one! Skiing is so good for my mental health and I can’t wait for next ski season.

Planning Paris trip details. An of my favorite daily time in March was on nights planning my Paris trip. I’m excited about this new big solo adventure but I started to be really anxious also.

Styling shelves. I installed my new shelves in my bedroom and I started to styling them but I’m not satisfied with the result again. Need to find again! 

Use more my DSLR. In March, I wanted to use more my Canon 200D in daily life. I use my DSLR for special photo shoots generally and use my iPhone in everyday life because it’s so easier. But, I wanted to use it just more and I think I managed. I took it so much more when I photograph and I’m happy about. The photos are so better with a depth of field like I love!

Explore new around. Well! I haven’t the time to take walks around my new city and explore. I was so much tired to go out and to be honest I was not really motivated in this world of tiredness.

April Goals.

Paris solo trip. Well! Well! Here we are! This is the month! I started to think about this trip one year ago and started booking it in January. I’m excited to take a new adventure in solo and travel in solo, I’m excited to spend a few nights in solo outside of the home. My last with nights solo trip was last October and I’m now ready for another. I planned a different kind of days because I don’t know really how I will feel. Paris, just anxious me so much! I know many tourists think that Paris is exceptional but me living in this country, I do not see Paris with exceptional things. Sure, there are beautiful monuments, museums but with the actuality and living in France, I saw it like insecurity and dangerous city. I know everywhere is an insecurity! But Paris anxious me so much. On another side, I’m ready and I want to do it and take this new solo adventure. But now that the counting down has started, the anxiety about the trip rise.

Explore around the house. I have not had the time to do it in March but it’s always in my project. I really need to start at least take little walks around the new neighborhood in April before that my social anxiety settles and I’m not motivated anymore.

Use more my DSLR part 2. In the beginning that I started in March, I just want to continue using more my DSLR.

Definite Summer wardrobe capsule. Spring has begun, summer is around the corner. I need to update my summer wardrobe capsule. I think I do not have the need to change many things but I have a few things from last summer who are not usable. I have no flip flops! I found April, the best month to definite the update that I want for my summer clothes.

Try a new smoothie flavor. I talked about in my March Top Five last week, in March, I had a new favorite smoothie flavor, strawberry blueberry banana. I love drinking this one currently but I want to try at least another new flavor also.

Easter fun. I love holidays, to create and add fun in the not always fun days when you fight mental illness in daily life. Easter is not an exception! Watching movies like “Hop”, decorate, coloring eggs, diy eggs, bake Easter things. Right! In an Easter touch.


These are my goals for April! What are your goals? I would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading!




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