April Goals {2018}

We have started this month of april since almost one week so it’s time for my april goals post.


In march, my goals was a success because I’m managed all except ONE.

For april, I decided not to put myself a lot of goals and I written no one goals in side FOOD, see below why.


But… before a recap of my march goals.


1. Get ready for ski trip. Yes, I was ready before my ski trip, I did all I had on my checklists before going on the trip.

2. Enjoy Ski time. OMG! Yes, yes and again yes! I enjoyed all ski time! It was just awesome.

3. All spring things. I started by Easter and started to do and thinking a lot about spring things.

4. Plan Big Project “Alone”. I talked about in my post Therapeutic “Alone” Trips that I did in the mid-march. I did my plans for april project and I loved to do them. It’s done!

5. St Patrick Project. I just had a little fun to do a St Patrick art.

6. Watching Law and Order: from season 13 to 18. All right! I did, I watched Law and Order from season 13 to 18 and added few episodes of season 19. It’s crazy! I watched in three weeks. Svu team was here all days during about three weeks.



1. Green Food. In march, I stopped counting how much green foods I ate. From my Green Pancakes to a Oreo Mint Cheesecake, passing by a lot of Mint Milkshake.

2. Continue eat Fruits. Wrong, I did not eat fruits in march, I confess.


Let’s see for april goals now.


1. (First ever) Solo Trip. My first solo trip is nigh and IT’S MY BIGGEST GOAL AND Challenge. Check what is my solo trip in my Therapeutic “Alone” Trips post HERE.

2. Embrace Spring. It’s just the time.

3. Review of my ski practice and what goals for the next year. I did my first season of ski, I wanted to a review of what I accomplished about my ski practice, I started to do it in my head but I wanted to do it by writing and I wanted write also what I wanted to do for next year.


There is not a lot of goals and none for FOOD section, I chose like that for april BUT I have a biggest ever with my first solo trip, I want just concentrate me on this one during april. That’s wrap my goals post for april. What are your goals for april? You did or you will do a post with your april goals, add the link of your post below (at the end of the post) for that I can see it.


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