Anxiety, Travel, Ski Goals – Season 2019

Tomorrow, I leave home for a ski trip in the French Alps during one full week. I think with all my anxiety these last couple of weeks, I need to go on a trip and a complete week of vacation. Last time that I was on a vacation trip it was in the beginning of October on my solo trip and the last time where I left home for a vacation trip more than three nights it was in July last year. I think I need to leave home a time.

I’m excited to skiing! I think about since so many months. Last year, when I wrapped up my first season of ski, I did a recap of what I accomplished like progress and I already did goals for the next season. All summer and about 8 months go away and I wanted to see what I have in my head right now one day before leave home for my first ski trip of the season 2019.


A recap of what I did last year in my ski practice.

At the end of my first season of ski with my trip in the French Alps, I was able to take green slopes in pizza and keep my ski parallel on straight lines. I started to work on my parallel turns at the end of the season. I was able to start the turns in pizza but to finish them with my ski parallel. I was so happy to manage that! I took courses slopes with small bumps too. Last year, I was able to take ski lifts and not too long in distance chairlifts. I took gondolas too. On the slopes, I dealt a lot with my anxiety particularly when I took a little speed. It was my biggest problem because it stops me in my practice and progress. I worked so much on myself to fight this anxiety and that’s worth it! I felt good to have wrapped my first season of ski with all these progress and work on my anxiety.


This year, I feel excited to skiing again. The goals that I had in mind last year are the same that these that I have in mind right now.

My biggest goal is work on my turns. I want to do turns completely parallel. This season, I want to try really fix my anxiety on the slopes. Let me take gently speed without anxiety. I want to learn taking longer chairlifts. That gives me nervous a little! This season, I want maybe take blue slopes. I don’t know! I saw that the percentage of the slopes are not the same in all the ski resorts. In some, the greens are little blues already like in the ski resort where I was last year and in some others, the blues are steeper. So, to see how the blues slopes are in the ski resort where I go.

I want to have fun, fight my anxiety, feel me free, independent like I ski in solo and have fun, HAVE FUN. These are my goals for the season.


Well! I’m feeling anxious to go in a new place but I need to leave home and I’m excited!




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