Anxiety Disorder. A Day in the Life.

I have a lot of Anxiety Disorder since some years ago, anxiety disorder it is the first mental disorder I had diagnosed in my life it was during my teen when I can’t return everyday at school cause of the bullying but that anyone was aware not even my psychiatrist. So, in first time just anxiety disorder was diagnosed.

Since that and since these about 6 last years, my anxiety disorder was between sometimes in high intensity sometimes in low intensity. I’m a ocd person too in cause of my anxiety and my ocd are the most numbers and varied the intensity too in function of the intensities of my anxiety disorder.

Since the beginning of the year, the anxiety is particularly high, sometimes she was just down a little but she could grown up in high intensity rapidly, my anxiety disorder of this year forced me to take for the first in my life during a such long time period some “Anxiolytics” during 5 months since I managed to stop it but it’s really not easy every single day and I have so much times where I want take it again but at this time I’m managed of do not take it. I did many post about drugs, here a about my update in may. I did too a post about my first month without anxiolytics when I stopped them and I talk about how I stopped inside and withdrawals, I did a post last month about three without update.

The day with anxiety disorder is done with a lot fears, passing by the anxiety on the anxiety already here and sometimes some day a enormous lost of times in a day just in cause of anxiety disorder.

Wake is done with anxiety on the day, the different period of the day is made with anxiety also for some peoples the period of the day are differents cause we have not the same anxiety on the same thing. Sleep is done with anxiety on the next day.

You trying to living your life on a other side, you go to work, you eat (expect when you have anorexia in more and that your anxiety is on the food) etc…

When you have anxiety disorder and obsessional compulsive behavior also you lost a few times in your day for carry out your ritual. The day can be exhausted just with anxiety disorder the both together to can be again more than exhausted.

The chaos is in your head and when you have some courage you search the best tip for manage this anxiety but you didn’t founded, yes, a thing or two which helped you a couple of times but that is finish of do not help you anymore. Stay strong during fight your Mental Health disorders.



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