Anorexia – How I Found Love in Food

I don’t know if all peoples with Anorexia or anyother Eating Disorder at this problem or it’s just me.

ME, my biggest problem with the fear to grow is my disgust for a lots of foods and even if the food has not so much calories inside.

Disgust with food is a problem which it was appeared few years before I started with Anorexia.

After some long time of research for try to found taste in food, at the beginning it did not seem obvious to me, I don’t know why I do not think to try this solution before.

I found a solution which could helps me to love food: PHOTOGRAPHY.

PHOTOGRAPHY is a passion since few years not only a passion I declared that I want work with photography and audiovisuel, but when I started in photography I taken photographs simple that everybody take daily, after I went to towards Minimalist Photography because at this time I was in a very profond/dark depression with suicide vision in my life and when I taken Minimalist Photographs I founded a little well being that help me to remove the excess negative/bad/suicidal vision. Today,  I take always some Minimalist Photography.

Few months/years later I received a DSLR (before I taken photography alone with my iPhone) I went in photography again more advanced and at this time, I take real photographs for show the symptoms Borderline, Depression, Anorexia or others Mental Health, anyway I’m in a project for bring together in photography all a person with Mental Health feel.

Capture my feeling in photography was a help for put out of me my depression feeling.

A day I had “a click” (around August 2016, Anorexia has started in March 2016) where I told myself I use photography for express my Borderline feeling, WHY NOT? I will could use for try found love in food. After that I launched this big project “Photograph food” so that I can’t ate cause my fear to grow and of counted calories.

This project was hard to started and always today cause I have always fear to grow and to been too big but he helps me very much with this project I have founded a taste in some foods that I can’t eat before by disgust, the part to win is again very far for founded taste in lots of foods but my goal is not to found a taste in all food on the earth nobody can found a taste in all foods but I want found MOSTLY a love in what I eat, a love for baking, a love for eat food with sometimes a lots of calories cause the most important is to found a love in food and eat just the food where we are in loving it does not matter what food is it (with a lots of calories/ or low in calories). Eat only what we love: but of course eat healthy also, it is necessary to found a love in Healthy Food fruits/vegetables also, but I think that eat chocolat (high in calories) is not bad if us eat a reasonable amount a Healthy Food in a other side.

Eat Chocolat does not cause weight gain when quantity is managed and that on the other side there is Health Food.

I had to stop my Food Photography during a time cause of some others problems that interfering inside and serious that miss me so much. I recently restarted slowly and it’s a wind of good in my goals.

How I use this solution?

In first I check, search a very lots, found ideas of what food I could found a love in Pinterest.

I’m thinking what food I want test, what food I want take in photography, what solutions is here for conciliate the two sides.

After, I do a planning food that a day I want test to eat and photography in the days after and.

I do generally a test to try eat the food if I love I planning to take the photography after.

I realize more I take photography more I want take photography consequently try to eat more, more, more others food.

I think it is necessary to found a love in food with a lots of calories, low of calories and Healthy Food.

Photography can to be a real help in Mental Disorder.

This is a post how I managed found love in food.

Anorexia – Found love in Food with photography.

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