An EPIC Ski Day

Thursday, I went skiing for the first time in two weeks. It was an EPIC ski day! I was not able to go before two weeks because of the lack of snow. The ski resort near my house was closed! After a few fresh snow falls, they have reopened and I went right now. We started by be block on the road at the top of the mountains so much snow was on the road. We took 15 minutes of more than on a non-snowy road. The weather was not specially good, hard even! It was snowing in the mountains with a lot of fog. No problem, I love this kind of weather to skiing! But there was a lot of wind! A very lot! I went skiing principally on the slopes between trees where the wind was calmer there.

Eight slopes were open thursday, it was the first time of the season. But the half were exposed to the wind so I spent most of my time on the blue and a part of the red slope. It was an amazing (even if crazy) ski day. I loved it ! I was soaked only after 20 minutes skiing but I felt good and this ski day was so good for the mind! After skiing a time, I shortened the ski session because more heavy fog was here and I was not able to see anymore if another skier was two steps in front of me. I decided to wrap this ski session! A little peek in photos!

Is it snowing at your city? Thanks for reading.



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