An Authorized Lockdown Escape

This joyful moment when I realized that the ski resort and mountains are in the 20 km perimeter outside exercice authorized. Currently, always in lockdown since the end of October in France, since the end of November we can doing an outside exercise in a maximum perimeter of 20 km and during not more than 3 hours.

The French gouvernement refuses to open ski lifts and have no dates when they could open. A lot of snow has falling down in the mountains these last days and even in the mountains and ski resort near my house when the last season they have dealt all the season with the lack of snow. Right! The last day that I was outside from the house more than the backyard it was mid-October on my last Disneyland Paris trip. In the beginning, I have managed this lockdown pretty good but these last days started to be really hard on different ways.

Well! When I realized that the mountains were in the 20 km perimeter and even if the ski lifts aren’t open, I decided to go outside for the first time in almost two months to going to see the snow at least.

Saturday afternoon with my parents I headed in the mountains. We need one hour to go and one hour to go down the mountains, so we were able to stay only one hour with the three hours authorized maximum. But it was an amazing time!

Of course, this is the first snow that I saw since February. I cried when I saw it and I could not believe it and today again I have a hard time to realize. Realized, that I was outside from the house for the first time in two months and for going to see the snow in more. I cried again more than at the reopening of Disneyland Paris in July (sorry Disneyland Paris, I love you so much but it was ten months that I haven’t see snow).

At the top of the mountains surrounded by the snow, except a bit at Disneyland Paris, this is the first time since the beginning of this pandemic that I felt happy in the bottom of my heart, but really. It was foggy, I walked, took photos and rolled myself in the snow, it was so peaceful, this is also the first time since the beginning of this pandemic during be lost around the tree covered by snow in the fog that I felt a peaceful moment. I’m feel weird to have be able to feel a peaceful moment again because more and more I was going, I felt like I could never again feel peaceful times. How good it was also to wear again my ski clothes, I missed them.

A few children and peoples were playing and laughing in the snow, everybody was social distances and I decided to walk around where there was nobody. It was so good for the mind to hear these peoples have fun. The last day that I hear peoples laughing it was during my trip at Disneyland Paris in October, since I hear only about the lockdown. I have no word how it was good!

It was an authorized amazing escape from this lockdown, my mental health gets worse these last three weeks, at the point do not be able to sleep correctly and even if it was short it was so good for my mental health this winter white dream. Even if it’s sad because I don’t know when I could skiing, to see the snow and mountains with the snow after so much months was a dream. And I take this time in waiting. Let’s sharing a few photography!

Back home, I drink a hot cocoa and watched a Christmas movie.

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