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I love posts where peoples share what they bought, to see the reviews or find inspirations. I buy a lot online and Amazon is the first big place where I buy. Seriously! It’s so easy and with Amazon Prime, the shipping is so fast on many items. It’s just so precious! Ok, sometimes the orders are not delivered at time, I recently had an order who was shipped 3 days after the official day. But! It’s rarely compared to the ton of orders that I have already placed on Amazon! I wanted to share a few of my lately purchases on Amazon. My kind of orders generally are all excepted food, products beauty or clothing, I do not have enough confidence for buy things like that.


My new is the best soft blanket in the world, it’s a Saranoni blanket. I love it. I have NO WORDS for tell how much this blanket is soft.

Here on the photo below, I bought my mini sphero robot ball on Amazon.

Since that I found a therapy thing with the act to draw on my obsessional thoughts and my anxiety, I bought a big package of medium tip markers. These one are my currently favorites. Now, I have a ton of colors that I can put in my drawings. Cool!

This Halloween Activity Book is so fun. I spent many times on my lasts nights during watching Halloween movies. I love it! So amazing! It’s so therapeutic! During I worked with I hadn’t almost no obsessional thoughts. I spent so many times on that in one week I already almost finished it.

A little look inside with a lot of fun games for occupy your mind, from coloring to sketch time and passing by a lot of others games.

And as I have almost finish this first activity book, I bought me a second, here.

A look inside.

I do not buy a lot of books, because… Hello! I’m minimalist! I do not like store books! But! I wanted to buy one or two for Halloween and I could buy few Christmas books also. For the pleasure to watch paper and turn pages. My n°1 rule when I decided to buy few books… it’s that I must love the books for their texts and illustrations and that when I watch the first time the book, I could love to re-watch it again many times. If not! Bye! to the book! In more with Amazon it’s easy to return an item.

Ghost in The House, a lift the flap book.

With minimalist illustrations like I love.

I’m always at the research to learn new things about the USA and recently I wanted to learn somethings about each state, I pick up this book and it is awesome. I love it so much! It is so beautiful. A lot of facts! And some beautiful illustrations. I have no regrets to have bought it.

I’m a sudoku lover since that I’m a child. I found this wood sudoku on Amazon and it’s awesome. I love use it! I did already many grids.

I bought my new Philips Hue bulbs on Amazon. I talked about these lamps on a post recently, here.

Here two things! This coloring USA poster and my favorites Papermate pens for write colors things or coloring this poster. I love them! I can easily write in my Erin Condren planner without problem. I took the package of 16 pens, it’s just good. I have a variety of colors.

A little look on my latest Amazon purchases. Thanks for reading.


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