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It’s a long time that I haven’t done a post where I share my favorites. It’s almost over one year ago that I shared my last Amazon favorites lately also. Amazon is the place where I buy the more of things! I have an annual Prime abonnement who must be renewed this month then. I love to buy different kind of things from Amazon but there are some categories that I avoid because I haven’t enough confidence like clothes except if the shop is directly the brand shop that I know. I have noticed that I have delivering problems also when these are some really big packages so I avoid also. But between there are a lot of favorites! I’m minimalist and not an overbuying in general so I haven’t a lot of things to show to do a post like this one regularly. Lately, I have rounded up finally some things that I bought on Amazon (the three last months) and sharing them on today.

ONE // Philips Blender. A few weeks ago when I started in the smoothie world I had a really basic blender and after a few weeks to use it almost daily he didn’t support it and the texture was not nice. I looked during a few time before found an easy, good and affordable compared to the Vitamix where I was not in the mood to put 600€ in a blender. Under 300€ the ProBlender from Philips is really good. I use it since about one month now and I’m happy, the smoothie’s texture particularly these of the smoothie bowls is pretty amazing!

TWO // Paper Mate Flair Pens. I love Paper Mate Flair pens! I have some multiple colors in 0.7mm and I saw that there are some with 0.5mm. I bought me one Candy Pop package for hand lettering.

THREE // Amazon Basic iPhone Charger Cables. I don’t know if it’s me but I have always some problems with my iPhone charger cables. Since over 6 years that I have some iPhone I had always some official Apple charger cables but every six months they were broken. I got really tired to buy 25€ one charger cable who is good only six months. Yet, I decided to try the Amazon Basic cables at only 15€ a pack of two cables (I have always one that I keep at home and one that I take in travel). I was afraid to try an unofficial Apple stuff with my iPhone but I launched me. I use it since about two weeks and I’m satisfied with these cables. My iPhone works the same and the charging time is the same that with an official Apple cable.

FOUR // Card SD. I have a ton of Cards SD for my DSLR between my summer travel and Disneyland Paris last trip I had the need to buy me another one. I love the SanDisk cards! I generally buy me only a 32GB even if I took billion of photos and videos because I don’t love to have a ton of photos over six different travel on the same card. I prefer to change it every two travel. Stored and labeled, it’s easier to found the one that I need.

FIVE // Coconut Bowls. I searched since a few time some bowls for my smoothie bowls. I have finally found these coconuts bowls and they are beautiful. I love them! Organic and delivered with wooden spoons, I took a pack of two, they are also beautiful to photograph or in the home decor that I love.

SIX // Mickey Cookie Cutter. If you read my blog since awhile you know that I go at Disneyland Paris regularly and I love Mickey Mousse. Between each trip, it’s hard to do not see Mickey, so I try to do some things to keep the magic of Disney in my daily life. With my eating disorder, eat Mickey shaped food is a helpful tool to try to reconcile me with food. Right! I bought this Mickey cookie cutter to transform my food and particularly sandwiches, french toasts, pancakes in Mickey shaped food. It’s cool!

SEVEN // Philips Hue Go Smart Dimmer Switch. I have a Philips Hue Go Lamp that I love so much, I talked about why here. Before I used my iPhone to use it and when we moved into the new house, I decided to buy me a smart dimmer switch. I love it! It’s really practical, you do not need to use the phone app all the time. I can turn the light on and off without my iPhone and can switch easily my favorite colors predefined in the phone app and by I can directly reduce or increase the intensity of the light, it’s really cool, me who since that I have an Apple Watch, I try to reduce my iPhone utilization. This switch is really practical!

EIGHT // Arteza Brush Pens. Over the last months, I tried a few different kinds of colors pens to practice art therapy and hand lettering. I love these brush pens from Arteza, come in different colors, they are good to do small draws or coloring. It’s fast to lack of ink but they are good and I love them!

NINE // Harry Potter and The Half Blood. I’m at the sixth Harry Potter book. I have almost finished and I’m not able to tell again if I love it or not. Right! I’m excited that I’m at almost the last book!


These are my favorites lately on Amazon! What is your favorite thing to buy on Amazon?


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