Alpe d’Huez: Part Two

On day two of skiing, I woke up early and go skiing around 10ham until 12hpm. I enjoyed my time with these amazing landscapes. It’s so good to take big FRESH breathes in mountains particularly on the chairlifts same with the icy weather. I worked on my parallel turns, I worked on let me take more speed and fight my anxiety. I managed to do an incredible thing because I took a course with my very first rail. It was a level XS but it was so much hard with my anxiety. And it was the first time. Last year, I already done slopes with little bumps but not rails! Nice! My motivation it was fighting my anxiety but on this morning, I was sitting next to a 5 years old boy with his grandfather on the chairlift and this kid told, it’s weird but cool to fly. I just love to see kids evolve on the slopes, they have no fears, they can run a slope without to stop. They inspire me these kids!

In the afternoon, I took a little break of skiing because I’m tired and my legs hurt. We did another adventure! This time more like a family! We did sled dogs! It was not our first time, back in the end of 2017, we did it. But not with the view on the Alps! We booked our ride with the dogs at home about two weeks before. It’s really a cool thing! An extraordinary winter adventure! My favorite dog is clearly the furry white. The view was amazing!

It was 04hpm and after the dogs, we went drink hot cocoa on a terrace with the sun. I love to drink hot cocoa! But! In mountain with the sunshine and the view on the Alps. It’s more than amazing!

We did a walk in the mall and we were back at the accommodation, I have half-sleep (tired of skiing, I slept a lot during the week) until before dinner and after I played during about 1 hour with my parents at UNO. It was friendly! I go to bed early because the next day, I want to wake up early for skiing.

On wednesday, day 3, it was really cool. Because it was snowing! This morning, I left the accommodation again more early because at 09h30am I was at the bottom of the slopes. It’s just at this time that it started snowing all day until late evening. It was snowing and foggy! But no matter! I was ready to hit the slopes once time more. Before I put inflammatory cream because of my pain in my legs. My legs painful I was like even ready! I love skiing under the foggy because I do not see the amazing view. And clearly the amazing view deconcentrates me to skiing because I want to take photos, under the fuggy, I do not have really this problem because there is no view. But I like even took photos. Right!

Although on this day, I had a lot of bigger plans. The two first days, I stayed on the same three green slopes. I looked on the night before and on the morning the slopes plan. And I climbed upper in the mountains to trying new slopes and longer slopes, a little too long anyway. I was anxious! I took a gondola and hit one long green almost blue slope. And I took another chairlift and hit a cool and fun little blue slope. This slope is called Marcel’s Farm. There is a big cow, big bumps, slaloms, rails, tunnels. This slope is really cool! Tired physically and mentally to had to fight my anxiety and run about 4km of slopes in 2h00, I finished the morning by the one little slope at the bottom of the mountains before walk until the accommodation for eating lunch and mostly to rest.

On the afternoon, I was too tired for skiing. I decided to take a break. I wanted to ski but with my tendinitis, legs pains, low physical conditions, I preferred to take a break. I’m not there for exhaust me! I slept in the beginning of the afternoon and after we took time in the city. It was always snowing! We did few souvenirs shops and we stop for eat a Nutella Crepe and drink Hot Cocoa. Both were good!

Back at the accommodation, we get ready because on this night we booked a dinner at the restaurant. I ate Lasagna. And we had a view on the chimney. Before back in our room, I played a game of pool with my dad in the main room of the residence. Generally, I do not feel good socially to do some things like that in the main room with peoples around but I felt rather good.

Let it snow!!! Let’s time to go to bed after a snowing and good day. Good despite my physical pain.

This is part two with a lot of good, fun time despite my anxieties and physical pain. Part One here. Part three is coming. Thanks for reading!




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