Alpe d’Huez: Part Three

This is the final recap of my ski trip in Alpe d’Huez last month. The two last days of skiing thursday and friday, it was with a bluebird sky.

Well! First stop on the morning of day 4, Marcel’s Farm slope. I ride it twice this morning. I worked on my anxiety, because she anxious me this slope. But! On another side, I love it and she is fun! My goal was to fight my anxiety and going at least twice on the slope. I did it! I took many times some rails. Fact: I stop in front of each rail before I take it because I have so much anxiety. I ask me if I really want to do it or/and if I’m able. Right! I’m anxious! And when I have finally the courage to take it, it’s like if all my anxiety, problems were finally all over. It’s amazing, this feeling! On this day, I took my first BIG bumps. I took small three-four in the row bumps last year. This year, it’s time for big and seven in the row. Yes! It’s anxious but so fun! Before to have started skiing, I did not think that something who could anxious me, could to be fun also. Rise the mountains, please! The amazing views. Amazing!

This view! I can’t stop watching it!

At 12h00pm, I left the slopes and go to eat Carbonara pasta for lunch. It’s yummy!

I took a rest, put inflammatory cream on my legs and at 02h30pm back on the slopes. The clouds were weird and the view a little hidden by them. This afternoon, I discovered the joy of the POWDER. The ski area is really big and next to the green slopes, there are a lot of areas with snow powder. I wanted to try! I launched me. It’s really cool!

Back at the accommodation around 04h30pm and after to have skiing in the powder. I warmed up with hot cocoa. AND OMG! On this night when I watched my Apple Watch, I discovered the number of calories that I burned in the day and km runs. I had big eyes! I burned more than 1000 calories and run about 10km of slopes. Wahoo! It was crazy to see how much I did! That was the end of this day.

On the fifth day, I was ready at 9h30am on the slopes at enjoying my last day of skiing on this trip. Even if I insert a sad face because it was the last and it’s at this time that my legs almost didn’t hurt me anymore. A sunny and cold weather. Some amazing landscapes. Snow, snow. Let’s time skiing! In first, I climbed with the chairlift on the fun slope one last time.

I was tired, after five days in the row of skiing, I was such tired. On the afternoon, I didn’t feel able to discover new slopes. So! I decided to stay on the green slopes that I took the two first days and training me and practice again and again on my parallel turns. Since the day before, I found a fun thing to go in the powder next to the green slopes. It’s so cool! Skiing in the snow powder! I skied 2 hours in the afternoon until 04h30pm. And, it was time to say bye at the slopes of Alpe d’Huez. Après ski, I ate a Nutella crepe and drunk hot cocoa for this last day. I could love to come back skiing on the slopes of Alpe d’Huez, this is a very cool and nice ski resort!


This last sunset view!

The best memories that I have of my trip are THE AMAZING VIEWS, clearly amazing! Taking the best cold fresh breaths in the mountains! To have fight my anxiety. When we left Alpe d’Huez on saturday, I was sad because I thought I could have fought more anxiety. But! In writing these recaps, I realize that I do not have be sad because I have fought so much anxiety already. Yes! Probably, I could to have fight again more anxiety. But! Last year, when I started skiing, I was not able to fight much anxiety. And! Few years ago, mindful it was even not able to fight any anxiety and take them positively. I can to be happy on what I have already accomplished! It’s so much! I have to work on my anxiety again for progress in my ski practice. And I can’t wait to fight them! But now! I can do parallel turns on green slopes, take rails, big bumps, compared at the last year, I can take more speed without anxiety. I can’t be more happy for that!

Guys! I can’t stop watching on my Apple Watch the numbers of calories burned during my trip more than 4000, usually it’s rather 600 in five days. The snowing day, the sunny days… drink hot cocoa in the mountains. All these are some best memories.

That wraps the last and part 3 of my ski trip in Alpe d’Huez recap. PART ONE, PART TWO. XO.


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