Alpe d’Huez: Part One

Last week, I was with my parents on a ski trip in Alpe d’Huez. I have skied, my parents are not skiers. I had a blast time! Alpe d’Huez is located in the French Alps. This ski resort is called also the island in the sun because there is an average of 300 days in a year of sunshine. We had a very lot of sunny times. The weather was cold about -07°C in the mid-day but sunny except wednesday where it was snowing and foggy all day. I loved! I had some fun, some anxieties, some easy times, some hard times. I skied a lot! I worked on my ski practice, on my parallel turns, take speed but it was not always easy with my anxiety. I used the app “slopes” on my Apple Watch for track my skiing. In five days, I burned about 4000 calories, runs 46 slopes (sometimes the same) and down about 46km of slopes. I love this app, it’s too cool to knows that! Right, I had to load the battery of my watch every day instead of every two days but it worth it. During all trip, physically I was hard after 1h30 skiing, I started to be really tired some days I managed to continue more than 2h in the row but some days, no! I had a lot of pain in my legs too. My arms and wrists less despite of my tendinitis. I’m happy! At the end of the trip, I’m now able to turn parallel on not too steep green slopes and almost on more steep slopes. I have work again but it’s mostly my anxiety who stops me. I worked, worked hard on. And I need to work a lot again!

We were supposed to arrive on saturday evening! But in the morning about 100km away from home, the car was in trouble, we return home, fix the problem. We finally hit the road on sunday and after about 6 hours of drive we arrived in Alpe d’Huez. And I missed a day of ski! But no problem! Because on saturday and sunday I was in hormonal stomach pain, and if the first day of skiing was sunday, I couldn’t go because I was too much in pain. In one way, it was good this departure delayed!

On monday morning, I wake up with less of stomach pain, took my breakfast and get ready for left the accommodation at 10h am. The accommodation was at the bottom of the slopes and we had a beautiful view of the mountains from the terrace, I had at walking 5 minutes for go on the slopes. Ps, 5 minutes normal is equal to 10 minutes in ski boots. On this first day, I asked my dad for accompanied me like I knew nothing of there. I was anxious socially. I had to buy my ski pass but finally I felt good socially and I hit the slopes and my dad goes away. Cool thing! I did not have to pick up rent ski like I got one pair for my birthday last month. And I was happy to use finally my birthday gift all week.

Look on this view.

I’m back at the accommodation for lunch around 12h00pm. I ate my lunch. Bolognese spaghetti. And go take a rest in my bed before to go skiing again in the afternoon from 02h30pm until 04h00pm. I tried differently green slopes on this first day, not too steep slopes and some steeper. I took ski lift, chairlift. I had fun!

I left the slopes and I’m back at the accommodation to drink hot cocoa with a view.

I took with me on the trip, one of my Sararnoni blankets. Because of the comfort, these blankets are so comfortable and it helps me in my anxiety disorder.

We ate some raclette at dinner, and tired I went to bed. This sunset view all week is awesome!

This is the Part One recap of my ski trip in Alpe d’Huez, I have again two others parts who are coming because it was a full week trip and a lot of things at write down and keep in memory. XO.




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