ALL has STARTED when I wanted to do it…

First up, I written this post with eating almost all these chocolate bars.

Second, today will to be a random of my life lately… Last week, I was on a trip so it will not to be a big life lately.

I spent few days in Lyon, France, I did the recap here.


Now about the title of my post… All has started when I wanted to do it. Yes, it’s right!!!!

Let me explain, all that is about what happened between me and my social anxiety on Monday. Monday, I had a psychiatrist visit but it’s nothing about, the visit was rather good, I talked to my psychiatrist a little of what I wanted to talk. But it’s before and after my psychiatrist visit. Already before, from the gare station to my psychiatrist visit I have about 7 minutes walk, I pass in front of several shops and in front of travel agencies. Since many weeks (about 5 weeks) in a travel agency, I saw a brochure that I found anywhere other but going in this travel agency it makes me anxious… go in any shops particularly little where sellers want to talk you it makes me anxious. To get the brochure that I wanted it was necessary that I talk to the person in the travel agency for explain what I want. I did it but I almost failed to do it particularly when I saw that nobody was in the travel agency and I could to be alone, I took a walk in the street next to before come back in front of the travel agency very anxious, I was about to turn on the right street but my legs have finally turned to left and always anxious I managed to start to open the door of the travel agency and after this moment all was easy. My anxiety has suddenly down and I talked like a normal (without social anxiety) person to the lady and it was easy in three minutes it was out with the brochure that I wanted. Now, after my psychiatrist visit, I talked in the recap of my last week trip in Lyon or if you follow me on Instagram, that my dad has forgotten something in the TGV back home. It was a jewelry that my mom bought for my sister birthday. During few days my mom tried to calls and see at our gare station if they have found the object but nobody found it. Like I take the train to go at my psychiatrist visits and I stop at a bigger gare station, I decided to go see if at this gare station they found it And they did it. I was with so much anxiety when I went in the direction of the found objects office… I did not even manage to open the door but I finally entered in the office and talk to the person, I gave her some informations, I signed, I paid… and I was back home with the bag. When I was out of the found objects office I wanted to cry so much I was proud of me and I did not think that I was able to do all that… and even if I wanted to do it.

Back home from my trip, last Saturday I put my fall decorations. I could post photos soon.

This cutie missed me during the trip. It’s my sister who takes care of her.

Watching psych is a big part of my days since few weeks now…. and recently I just took out my fall mug and started to drink tea.

I started to watch Fall/Halloween movies.

I love spending time on my wood sudoku or Rubik’s cube.

Another specially not good thing. I cut myself a little, it was on sunday, it was also the first time since a long time but I do not take that like a failure. I have a lot of obsessional thoughts these times. I talked about to my psychiatrist on Monday and she talked me to try to take back medication for these bad thoughts but I don’t know, I could want but I have fear to take weight and I could not accept that. It’s sucks!

It’s now official, I started to create my yearly photobook. I love to occupy my mind by creating layouts, texts,… the goal is to create the months from January until the end of August before the end of September.

I have a lot in mind to try to love fall now, I start to work on, this week I have blogged my first fall bucket list, if you missed let’s go here.

Do you love fall?




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