All FALL about Here!

While I write this FALL post I think a lot of Hot Chocolate which I could drunk or pumpkin cookies that I ate just before I write this post. Because it’s seasonal!

It’s October now and Fall is widely here, I thinking that it’s the best time for a Fall Decorations post, I will show my Fall/Halloween Decorations that I have in my room, I enjoyed and loved to put these decorations, I’m feeling good when I see them, I enjoy fall with them. I loved put little orange things.

On my bookcase with a Pumpkin Board (I create myself) a mini Pumpkin and a Orange candle (that I never put light) it’s just for orange touches.

This board I created myself, he is not perfect but I love it.

I put this little laugh pumpkin nearly to my DSLR in my bookcase.

This Pumpkin on my desk on a side.

Three little pumpkins in a vase on the other side of my desk. It’s the season for work with a desk full of pumpkins!

I love just Ghost Mask who gives a little Halloween touche.

One of my favorite corner of my room.

This little Ghost placed on a shelf of my bookcase he contains few little sweetarts candy.

I placed a Ghost on my mirror for Halloween touches.

This skeleton I love it so much, I don’t know why, I took him to my sister when she has left the home. I love play and twist in all ways when I have in my hand. I put it on the grip of my wardrobe.

Pumpkins light in the night is a favorite of these times.

It’s on that of my Fall/Halloween decorations review is finish.




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