Ajaccio 2018: Days 8 & 9

Hello! Happy Monday everyone! This week, I continue my summer family beach vacation recap posts. For today, it’s days 8 & 9.


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Day 8.

No wake up early this day for watch sunrise but rather at 8h00am and after taking my breakfast, to be dressed, brush my teeth,…

A little lay down on the lounge chair on the terrace of our apartment and watching the sea morning before going to the beach at 10h30am. Like you can see it on the photos, on this morning the sun was not here early on the morning, it was completely cloudy before 12h00pm but after the sun has come for the rest of the day. Anyway, it was the only time during all the 10 days where it was cloudy, the rest of the time it was sunny from the morning early to the night and the temperature was always hot, 32°C/100°F.

 We left the beach around 12h00pm for eating lunch and we took a rest time until 04h00pm, we all had need of that. I spent the afternoon at enjoyed the sun and hot weather lay down on the lounge chair, during this time I took the time to write a postcard to my psychiatrist.

We finally go out to walk around the port and look what I saw on the way! Yes, a cruise ship again who left the port of Ajaccio.

And… I ate a chocolate/vanilla soft ice cream. With lions, water fountains and an enjoyable summer vacation feeling. GOOD!!!

On the night, the football match between France and Belgium was on all Tv of each apartments of the residence so each time I heard yell during I worked a little on my MacBook outside in the dark on the terrace.

Go to sleep with France in final.


Day 9.

Morning day 9, it was wednesday and a wake up early for watching the sunrise.

Fresh on the sand.

And watching again the sea of the terrace after to be ready.

We went on the beach this morning and on this one, I tried a second time to go swim in the sea. And on this morning, I found a new favorite thing in this life…

Floating lay down on a float and let me move with the only force of the little waves.

Later in the afternoon, we went to do a walk around the port. No ship see!

We did the souvenir shops because yes, we left Corsica in two days. Seriously, it’s an of my favorite thing to do on a summer vacation, walk around the souvenir shops and watching. I did not bought but if in general, I do not like to do shops, here like that… I love!

And of course, I ate a BIG Vanilla Ice Cream.

with some palms. It’s a good time that!

We continue by watching again a little around the streets of Ajaccio and in the souvenir shops.

On that dinner, we ate pizzas, pizzas.

And we took a little evening walk on the beach.

And we going to sleep… because tomorrow is a big full day with a wake up early. We going to Bonifacio. An of my favorite time of the trip.

Stay tuned… The post about Bonifacio is coming tomorrow.



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