Ajaccio 2018: Days 4 & 5

It’s the second recap of my summer family beach trip at Ajaccio in Corsica today with days 4 and 5.


Yesterday, I recapped days 1 to 3, if you missed the post, found it here.


Day 4.

On friday morning, I woke up early around 6h00am and suddenly when I was still in bed… I wanted to go outside and watching the colors sunrise on the beach so around 6h30am I did it despite of few anxieties to go outside alone early in morning. I went watching the sunrise without taking my breakfast, I tried to let the apartment noiseless for do not wake up the rest of my family who sleeps again. I walked on the beach at 5 minutes of the apartment and I stayed more that one hour to watch the sunrise colors in the sky and the quiet beach. I had a best time!!!

A little more cold the sea at 6h30am but not that much.

I went back to the apartment to take my breakfast, my family is now wake up also.

In the mid-morning we went all together on the beach (Plage de La Terre Sacrée), we stayed until time for lunch and we are back to the apartment after.

The afternoon, I went swimming in the mediterranean alone with my sister during my parents stay at the apartment. Ok, it’s a little hard for me to go swim for two reasons: one: I do not have enough of psychical force for swim and two: because I have always cold. The sea was not cold, about 25°C, when I was in the water I did not have cold, I was same surprised about that but after, few minutes/hours same days after I had a lot of pain across my body. And like I left my iPhone at the apartment, I have no photos about this afternoon.

Back to the apartment, I finished the afternoon by eating chocolate donuts.

Around 09h00pm we took a little tour outside around the port and walking on the beach and eating a vanilla ice cream.


Day 5.

Next day, I woke up again early and I went watch the sunrise on the beach to 5 minutes by walking, I again left the apartment while the rest of my family slept deeper again.

Sand color during sunrise.

I just have a good time again early alone on the beach.

After 1 hour, I went back to the apartment to eat breakfast, take my medication, take shower,… all these kinds of stuff.

At 10h30am we took the little train and riding 1h30 around Ajaccio. From Place Foch to Iles Sanguinaires, we see differently Ajaccio and we have learned a little about the history.

Monument of Napoleon 1er.

I love buildings colors in Ajaccio, that’s remember me Nice, my favorite city.

At 12h15pm we were back to the Place Foch. We searched for eating lunch and in front of a restaurant, I saw that.

“NO WIFI, Here: – We talk to each other, – We get drunk, – We got back to the ship to have. DIRTY SEX.” I loved this “No Wifi” board, just because I was in a time with trying to go the less possible on screens or internet.

Ok, second thing. My lunch this day, it was a Nutella Crepe. I wanted that for lunch. It’s done and it was cool. My first lunch made of a Nutella Crepe.

After lunch, we are back to the apartment and my sister and I went to the beach at 5 minutes walking together. I enjoyed the sun for about 1h30 on the beach.

Around 08h00pm I took all my family on a beautiful and giant beach (Plage de Capo Di Feno) to do a sunset photo session. I was so excited and happy about! I love to do sunset photo session on the beach and waited that since a long time. It was a light of my trip!

The day is wrapped! With a good tick on a thing of my summer bucket list.


See you tomorrow.


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