Ajaccio 2018: Days 11 – 13

Hello! Holy moly, today it’s final post recapping my summer beach family vacation in Ajaccio, Corsica.

Like always, I loved recapping my days, the good and bad things, it makes me understand some things and help me to see what I want the more in my life.


In this last post, it’s the three last days until back home. These three last days include also some of my best things about this trip.


Here, below some links to my previous days, if you missed them.

Days 1 to 3, days 4 & 5, days 6 & 7, days 8 & 9, day 10.


Day 11.

Ok, day 11, we took our last time at the beach, the temperature was really really really hot early this day, so we went early in the morning at the beach and enjoyed this time all morning.

Look! The water was so so beautiful. Transparent.

So beautiful. I spent the time to walk on the edge of the beach and look this beautiful water. I even saw some fishes, I stayed immobile in the water and they came until me, they turned around me, at only one cm of my toes. I LOVED!

We took the most time of the afternoon to pack because the next day we left Ajaccio, in the air-conditioned apartment with 38°C/101°F outside. Me, when I packed I going outside on the terrace to relax with the heat. Weird, I know! But it was cool!

We went ate our last dinner in a four stars restaurant. With a good food.

The restaurant was localized next to the beach…

And look this beautiful view on the Mediterranean sea and on the Iles Sanguinaires.

I ate some pasta with a mushroom sauce. It was so good, I finished all my plate.

A chocolate fondant in dessert, of course. It’s my favorite dessert.

The restaurant “Le Week-End” and the localization was really so beautiful. I loved! And it’s on this good deal that we went go to sleep because tomorrow it’s wake up at 04h00am because our ferry left the port of Ajaccio at 08h30am.


Day 12.

Ferry day, it was so excited because like I told many times during my recaps, I love big boat and I’m again more ready to planning my first cruise with all cruise ships that I saw during 10 days.

Last time in Ajaccio. This city is beautiful and I love it.

On this day, it was also 14th July whether Bastille Day in France (like 4th July in USA). During we waited for boarding on the ferry, I posted this post about 14th July. It’s a sad day also for me because it was Second Nice Terror Attack Anniversary, Nice is my favorite city I was necessarily sad and on this special day all my heart was for Nice and all peoples injured in any way in this terror attack. But same if in Nice since that, they did not celebrate anymore Bastille Day, I tried to celebrate me like same because Nice learned me so much about how to live the life, that even if I was so sad, I had and wanted to continue to celebrate this day.

08h35am, we left the port of Ajaccio, I’m going watch the departure outside on the decks alone as the relationship with my sister was really really bad. I had a good time and a peace time also, alone cruising on the Mediterranean.

I stayed about 30 minutes to watching the Corsica coasts.

I ate a Foccacia sandwich for lunch (ham from Corsica inside with cheese).

Outside on the decks during cruising, it’s always a crazy strong winds and I love to have crazy hairs.

After 8 hours of ferry, we have arrived in Toulon. We check-in our hotel for the night. And we went eat dinner at KFC… I took my favorite Ice Cream.

On the night, I insisted to my parents for go see a firework. I can’t spend one 14th July and in despite of my sad mind for Nice without see a firework. It was not a tradition when I was a kid, now I want this tradition to see firework on Independence Day. Ok, at 10h30pm, we saw a beautiful firework.

And we finally go to sleep because tomorrow is a big day specially for me, we headed home and in two different ways, me alone in TGV and the rest of my family by car.


Day 13.

Next day, I headed home ALONE in TGV for the first time. Many things about that: it was the first time that I took the TGV alone or a train/plane more than 1 hours alone, the journey was about 4h30 hours and if in general, I’m more anxious to the idea to take train than plane alone (because train is an open space, he stops by gare stations, contrary to a plane where doors are closed from the departure to the arrival), on this journey I was even not anxious. It was a big deal, I’m now ready for planning next solo trips by train without more anxious!

Arrived at the gare, it’s my neighbors who pick me home, it was the first time since that I started my social anxiety that someone pick me somewhere, I was a little anxious but I’m managed like a boss.

At 01h30pm, I was at home and found my sweetie. She asked me to give him a lot of cuddles and I was so happy to could give him me alone in first without nobody after 13 days. During the afternoon we took together naps.

And we watching the final world cup and France win. I feel not good to live in France but during this time I was so proud of the France. It was great and I’m happy about that. The rest of my family are back home at 07h00pm and just at time for see when they give the cup à L’équide de France.

And that wraps my summer family beach vacation 2018 in Ajaccio.

In my very first post recap days 1 to 3, I did an introduction in numbers with few important good or bad things happened during the trip. Here, on this last post and before completely wrap my summer family beach vacation recaps, I wanted to do a review of my best and just favorites things during this summer trip 2018.




A lot of cruising on the Mediterranean.

Saw a lot including a giant cruise ships.

My sunset beach photo session.

The beautiful transparent or turquoise waters.

My wake up at 6h30am for watch sunrise (I think that’s could now a best to do on my summer beach trip in my life).

My day in Bonifacio and to have done L’escalier du Roi D’Argan.

My new favorite thing: floating with a float on the sea.

The six first days without disputes with my sister.

My first big TGV alone ride.


I think now I can wrap my Summer Beach Family Vacation 2018 in Ajaccio, Corsica.


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