Ajaccio 2018: Days 1-3

Hello, today it’s the first recap of my summer family beach trip at Ajaccio in Corsica.

We left home on 3rd July and we went back home on 15th July. Last year, my beach summer vacation was already in Corsica on the east coast and this year we have chosen the west coast and particularly Ajaccio.
I loved more Ajaccio than the last year place where we stayed. I found Ajaccio more beautiful, cool, a lot of things to take in photo, more fun.
The trip was not completely good on all sides, the relationships with family members during 13 days in one apartment was hard sometimes. I can tell now after to have finished this trip: 85% was good and 15% was bad. Before starting the recap of my firsts days, few important things to remember about this trip.

A lot of hours cruising on the sea.
2 Lunch made of Nutella Crepes.
4 Wake up at 6h30am for watching sunrise on the beach.
Charging my Apple Watch twice more than at home.
A billion beach photos were taken.
Several ice cream.
Saw many big cruise ships.
One firework.
A 4th of July.
A 14th of July.
Found a new favorite thing in life.
2 swimming in the Mediterranean.
A beautiful weather.
A sunset beach photo session.
Three trains ride.
No high anxiety.
First TGV ride alone.
A crazy down and up steep stair of 187 steps.
2 hours by day of screens instead of 15 hours at home.
6 days in the row with a good sister relationship.


The journey for go until Ajaccio was 5 hours of TGV (High Speed Train) until Toulon in the south of France and we stopped a night in a hotel and next morning we took the Corsica Ferries from Toulon to Ajaccio, the ferry cruising was of about 6 hours. Actually, from our house to Ajaccio, we had the choice between two journeys: a flight of 1h30 until Ajaccio at the airport departure localized to 30 minutes drive from our house or this journey where two days of travel was necessary for arrive at Ajaccio. 1h30 or 2 days. Why have we chosen the journey of two days? In fact, because my sister has fear to take airplanes, really she never flight and she does not want same try. I prefer to take airplane but I love take ferries also (I love all kind of big boats, a day I would like to do my first cruise, I currently in the way of planning this) but for go until the ferries we have 10 hours of road and I feel not good until more than 1 hour of driving so my mom and I took the TGV until Toulon and my sister and dad took the car and after a night in the hotel, the next morning we took the ferry. The journey back home it was the same story EXCEPT one big thing; I took alone the TGV for the first time ever and my mom has returned with my sister and dad in the car. Why this? Once again in cause of the challenger behavior of my sister (my sister has 31 years old but she has a behavior of a 4 years old, it’s in cause of that also that the vacation has finished not good in my sister relationship) finally my mom give way and return by car. Crazy, crazy.


Day 1.

On tuesday, July 3, I left home with my mom in the morning (my sister and dad have already started the road since few hours) and we were going to the gare.

The TGV left the gare around 12h00pm and we have arrived at the gare destination about 5 hours later. We found my sister and dad and us check-in our hotel for one night and we went eat dinner at Mc Donald, we follow by go sleep in the hotel (me particularly I haven’t slept more than 5 minutes during 8 hours, I watched one movie, two episodes of Law and Order: SVU, one of Psych and I listened a lot of music, the more weird, the next day I was not really tired before we have arrived in our apartment for 10 days).


Day 2.

But on this day, I do not wanted to be tired same if I did not sleep of the entire night. Because it was 4th July and I was excited about. On this 4th July 2018 I can’t do really something because I spent the most part of the day to cruising on the sea but I have worn a special t-shirt, I ate two sugar donuts for breakfast and a hot dog for lunch on the ferry and I took a lot of photos with blue. Yes! I was on sea.

The ferry departure was around 10h30am from Toulon. My sister and I went to see the departure of outside above the ferry.

And let cruising in the sea for 6 hours, I love cruising.

I love to stay outside on the decks during the cruising. I love watching around on the sides, in reality, there is nothing to see because we are in the mid of the sea but I just love watching like same. If I could, I would like to stop the time at this moment.

And I love watching also the big waves that the ferry does.

Yes! I just sat down on the floor and watched.

In the afternoon, I have chosen to eat a Stracciatella Ice Cream.

On the ferry, there is some big tv everywhere and I saw a trailer of Law and Order: SVU for the season 19 currently aired in France. I loved.

We have arrived at the port of Ajaccio around 05h00pm me and with my sister, we went to see the arrival in the port of Ajaccio outside above the ferry.

First view on Ajaccio of my life.

After unship the ferry, we check-in our apartment.

We had an apartment for the vacation with an enormous terrace and a view on the sea.

We picked our grocery for 10 days, unpacked the grocery and baggage and it was time for eating dinner and we went to sleep.


Day 3.

This day it was first day of beach.

I ate cereals for breakfast on the terrace with the view on the sea. Cereals with view on the sea like every breakfast during the 10 days.

In the morning, I went alone with my sister on the little beach to 5 minutes of walk from the apartment. My parents wanted stay to relax in the apartment.

First time on the beach. First time feet in the sea.

First time toes in the sand.

After about 1 hour we are back at the apartment. We eat lunch. For dessert, I have eaten a big cup of strawberries with a lot of whipped cream. Take a little rest.

At 03h00pm, I went with my sister and dad on a bigger and more beautiful beach (Marinella Plage) during about 2h00. This time again I went just until my knee in the water. A lot during the trip I did that because I just love put my legs in the water.

Back to the apartment for dinner, I saw the view on this big cruise ship who let the port of Ajaccio. I was so excited, I saw a lot of cruise ships during the trip including a really giant ship.

Why am I so excited? Because I love all kind of big boats and I dream to do my first cruise, in reality, I’m currently planning this.

We finish the day by taking a little tour by car in Ajaccio and we have stopped and taken a little walk around this big wheel.

It’s on that the recap of days 1 to 3 ends.


Tomorrow a new recap will be here.


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