Ajaccio 2018: Day 10

Hello! Here, today, I’m recapping a big day and an of my favorite day of this vacation.


On day 10, we went to Bonifacio. It’s an of my favorite place in Corsica or even in the world because it’s so beautiful. We did the excursion by boat. From Ajaccio to Bonifacio, there is 3 and half hours of boat. 7 hours for the day in a little boat. In reality, we planned this for the day before but the company to delayed to the next day in cause of the rough sea. We left the apartment at 07h30am and we were back at 07h30pm. It was a big day. A gorgeous day!


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Day 10.

Early, we left the apartment and direction the port for taking our boat. The departure from the port of Ajaccio was to 08h00am and the arrival at Bonifacio to 11h30am.

Ajaccio bye bye for a day.

Before we took the way of Bonifacio, the boat did a stop at Porticcio for taking some passengers.

For 3 and half hours we follow the coast… and passing by a lot of beautiful or cool things, including this lion on the top of the moutain in the photo above. Do you see her head? It’s when you zoom with a iPhone but at this moment I did not wanted take out my DSLR of my backpack.

… by some beautiful turquoise waters.

And finally, we start to arrive at Bonifacio.

Bonifacio is a city at the extreme pointe of Corsica at only 12km of Sardinia. What I love the more about Bonifacio, it’s the cliffs and the city just above. See Bonifacio from the sea is so beautiful and a best thing to do when you are visiting Bonifacio. IT’S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!

After the arrival at the port of Bonifacio, we took the little train to go in the Haute Ville.

We had about 2 free-full hours in Bonifacio and before this was time for lunch, we searched something for eat and me…

I have chosen a nutella crepe for lunch. So good psychologically and gustatorily!

After we started to explore the streets of Bonifacio.

Me, on this special day I have a special goal. To do: L’escalier du Roi D’Argan. I asked to my family if they wanted to come with me, my mom says no in cause of his knee pain, my dad says no because he has fear of heights and I asked to my sister same if the relationship with her was hard since our dispute on day 6 and she told me no. Ok, no problem! with a little of anxious I’m going to alone and proud to have done, last year, I could not have done it in cause of my anxiety but this year, I did it, again one thing who shows that I did a lot of progress this past year.

On the top of the stair, I see this spectacular view of the cliffs. I took my ticket, only 2€50.

And I took down the stair. First impression: this stair is really crazy and steep. The stair includes 187 steps but the steps are not some really normal steps, it’s rather some double steps in height.

Really incredible beautiful to be here.

The c.l.i.f.f.s.

And after 15 minutes to contemplate this spectacular view, I took the way back.

Oucchh! Now, climb the stair. It was physically hard, I stopped 4 times and after I was so much breathless but you know what! IT WAS WORTH IT.

I finally found the rest of my family and we did a few streets and souvenirs shops.

Fish, fish, fish, fish, fish.

I ate a vanilla ice cream.

And we catch up the little train who take us until the port for come back to the boat.

We walk again before we rejoin the boat and we did a few souvenirs shops.

At 03h30pm we took the way back to Ajaccio.

We went in front of a cave and see some beautiful turquoise waters.

And I finally half sleeping on the way back, so much tired I was. At 06h30pm we are back in the port of Ajaccio… And I saw a cruise ship. AGAIN! So cool and happy about. I did not sleep anymore when I saw it.

Before leaving the port we did again few souvenirs shops and I ate a nutella crepes.

And tired of this big and beautiful day, we took the way of the apartment.

So so happy to have done L’Escalier du Roy D’argan alone in despite of my anxiety. It was so splendid!

See you tomorrow for the final recap with days 11 to 13 of my summer family beach vacation 2018.




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