About these last days!

It’s time for a little around these last days between Memorial Day.

This cat and me enjoying the most time the sun when he is here.

Time for eating a of my favorite ice cream.

Friday, I had a special psychiatrist appointment, my parents come with me at the appointment for the first time since last september for to a little review of my progress and problems. The appointment went rather well and I just enjoyed of walking outside with the nice weather and I stopped by Apple Store because I have a problem with my iPhone.

This weekend it was a good weather and on sunday it was mother day in France.

My grand mother was at home for lunch sunday.

Out, Sun, Book,…


On monday, it was memorial day and same if I live in France and it was not a memorial day here… I found important because I want live in USA later in my life of understand and learn about USA special days, I same took the choice to canceled my psychiatrist appointment that I had planned on monday for concentrate me in maximum on this special USA day.

I ate, worn, baked with red, blue, white AND I took the time to learn more about memorial day and USA wars and history. It was a good day! The weather was nice (80°F in afternoon) same if in the end of the day there have been a storm.

I ate blueberry pancakes for breakfast. I have worn my favorite USA flag tee for this special USA day.

I ate a hamburger for lunch.

After lunch, I baked a patriot brownie pizza. I had a nice time to bake!

I found fun the idea and I loved the taste of all these things reunited.

In the beginning of the afternoon, I took my bike and I biked during about 30 minutes in a forest around my city. It was a awesome time, ride my bike is a all new thing that I do in my life, it was a goal for this spring/summer season.

Around 03h00 pm I went back home and go out on my terrace,…

and I was in our outdoor Hot tub for the first time of the 2018.

Back to found this, last summer our outdoor Hot tub was my favorite thing.

Take a break of the water and eating a ben & jerry’s cookies dough ice cream, I love the taste of this ice cream so much.

For dinner, I did some corn dog nuggets.

I followed the dinner by a BIG time to work and learn on USA history.

My cat enjoying the good weather outside.

I finished the day by watching Hawaii 5-0.

That’s wrap these last days.


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