A Word To Winter

A word to Winter!

Right! Winter is officially wrapped on the calendar since one month but in real this is another story. But this post is not about talking the current weather who is matching the season or not. A few days ago, I received the photo book about this past Winter. The moment where you open for the first time a photo book is the most exciting moment! Right! And yes, I haven’t always finished to create my annual photo book for 2020 but I already created a photo book of this Winter season 2020/2021.

This Winter season was special in different ways. First, in France ski lifts haven’t open of all the season because of the Covid pandemic, second, we got so much snow even at home, third and last, I was so bad mentally this past Winter -I know now why – and I was not able to enjoy my favorite season in the right way. It was a really hard season! And when I think about it, it’s makes me sad because it’s my favorite season.

Despite that ski lifts were closed this season because of the pandemic, we have managed to travel in the mountains like even. It’s started with the French Alps for my birthday and Christmas (it was the first time that I travel for my birthday and that I saw a white Christmas), later in January we have took a little staycation in the mountains near my house where magic carpets were open and I was able to skiing on one slope. It’s although after this trip that I started slowly to understand what was wrong this past year. But the week before this trip, we got crazy among of snow the biggest in 15 years with 30 cm at home during one week. It was crazy and amazing! And later again in February we got snow and crazy usual cold temperatures and even early April we got a few snowflakes. This season was crazy full in snow! It was a hard part also to have so much snow and do not be able to skiing, because the previous season was already a hard and short ski season because we got some crazy lack of snow. Well! I tried to take advantage do not be able to skiing, to take more snow photography because usually I took not a lot of snow photos because I’m skiing.

Between my bad mental health and the among of photos with snow this season. I had the want to create a special Winter season photo book. It’s the first time that I’m doing it! I want to tell thank you to the Winter season for this crazy snowy season. I was not able to enjoy it in the moment because of my mental health. But thank you to this season. Aside, it’s also during this season that I finally understood why I felt in a mental breakdown since months and it’s probably at this day, an of the hardest part but maybe the most important part for starting really my Complex PTSD healing also. It was a multiple emotional season!

Right! I had the want to document it in a photo book! I placed the photos by trips, I wanted to document each trips and his photos individually but in the same photo book. I have placed them in the order, from my trip for my birthday and christmas, follow by the snow at home and my last trip in the ski resort near my home. At the end of the photo book, I written my final thoughts and feelings about this Winter season. Let’s a little peek inside this Winter season photo book!

Now! Next stop, finish to create my annual photo book of 2020. But my goal is to finish it before that I can go on some trips to Disneyland Paris. Right! I have a little of time again! No, more seriously, I want really to finish it before go back to Disneyland Paris if not after I could be submerged by new photos took there and not have finished with my last year photos. Right! Thanks for stopping by!



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