A Weekly Photography Challenge

I talked about in my 2020 review and 2021 goals blog post, in 2021 I have chosen to do a Weekly Photography Challenge.

Why a photography challenge? I had the idea to do a kind of photography challenge since a time. But I started to think it about more at the end of last year when I started to reflect on 2020 and find goals/challenges for 2021. In 2020, photography has been pretty hard with the different lockdowns in France and the impossibility to go outdoor or in place that I love to take photos. It was a pretty hard challenge to take photos! It was so hard that during the first closure of Disneyland Paris between mid-March and mid-July, my DSLR stays on my shelve without that I use it once. And it was not good because I had a hard time to use it when I was back in the park after. Right! I have chosen to do a weekly photography challenge with prompts to try to explore and work and pick up my camera at least once weekly.

Why a weekly challenge? It exists a lot of different photography challenges, 365 days projects, monthly, 100 days of summer,… But, I have chosen the weekly photography challenge because first I know that an every day project could be hard to manage and unaccomplishable with my mental health. I wanted something all over the year. Right! My attention gets on the weekly challenge. This is the story about!


+Pick up one camera. I could chosen my DSLR or mirrorless camera because I start this challenge to pick up more my camera.

+Pick up the theme of the week. I created my own weekly list prompts. Find it below.

+Work each week with the theme by taking at least one photo on this theme during the week. Or even more if I feel creative and good for it.

+Each week, I could share the photos that I take by theme on Instagram and I could probably done a recap each month here on the blog, with the different themes of each month.

Here is the weekly list prompts.

The goal of this challenge is simple, do not spend a large time without pick up my DSLR in the hands. I find inspiration on Internet and I written my own prompts depending of my mood in each season that I know that could loving work on this photography challenge more. And have fun! This is the goal also! Let’s get starting! Thanks for stopping by here!

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