A SKIP DAY {Edition June 2017}

Tuesday, I had a very special day for my goals on the way to have more autonomy.


I did a go and back trip on the day in Airplane…ALONE until Nice.


This was hard… and now I do not wanted to go on my autonomy.


SPOILER: Alert a lots of photos of planes.


Few things GOOD and BAD.


I was not afraid of the insecurity of this world.

I talked to some peoples despite of my phobia and timidity.

I saw lots of Airplanes.

I stay sit same if peoples decide to sit side to me.

I watched a Hawai 5-0 episode.

I  do not want anymore to do thing ALONE.



My flight departure was at 10h50Am for arrival at 12h05Pm and Flight back home was to 05h45pm for a arrival at 07h00Pm but none of the two was on time.


I woke up at 07h30, and I reiceived on my notification that the flight will have 25 minutes of delayed. I took my 10cl Milk and Lamictal for breakfast, I did not have eat something, I did not hungry, I get dressed and the notification told me that the Flight will 1 hour of delayed.

I love on my Apple Watch on passebook, the plane who turn on the screen.

I took 0,75mg of Alprazolam before departure I took the road (around 25 minutes) until Airport with my parents and accompagne me until the authorized line.

ALONE, after security Control.

Walk, Walk, until the Gate.

It was at this time 09h10AM, I set to a bar table cause the gate was again utilized for a other flight before.

I look around me and I took Photos.

A side…

Opposite side.

After a little time I went set at the seat around the gate and despite that my notifications since 07h00am told me that the flight will 1hour of delayed at Airport, nothing was write on the screen.

Set and Wait before my first Alone flight.

A Screen Calendar just cause I wanted.

I waited a more long time cause delayed, to 09h45 they decide to displayed that the flight will 1 hour of delayed.

I look on the flight tracker where if my flight, at 10 minutes of boarding I see that I have again 49mins of flight to do he is go delayed of the before flight.

Around 11h20am we boarding and my first launched Alone.

Boarding gate to 11h46am.

Take Off to 12h04pm.

I flying alone in a plane…


Nice weather for go at Nice City.

Smooth Clouds…

until a view on the Alpes.

Riviera view.

Marineland view.

Side view.

When you flight above the sea.


First Nice airport view.

I love this view.

Welcome Nice and Nice Airport and I’m alone.

I go toward the exit.

After that, it’s 01h15pm, I search a place for load my Iphone cause I did not have anymore battery I did not enough load before departure of Home.

The alone station load that I found it was front of a place where military have closed the zone cause of a abandoned luggage.

I stay here cause I need of load my Iphone and during this I observed the scene and listen an alert who says “To the person who has left his or her luggage in the hall,
right now to recover it”. 15 minutes later, I decided to go toward the security control for pass of the other side, I took some photos and go.


That’s a fact.

It’s 01h49pm when I went on the security control, a biggest line cause they grow up the terminal and after a biggest peoples BUT no anxiety.

It’s 02h20pm, I walk a little a decide to search something for eat but I founded just a thing to drink and at this moment I have normal about 4h for wait.

Walk, search station load, took photos, watch a Hawai 5-0 season 7 episode, text to mom photos, text to my psychiatrist who ask me how I fine Ok.

I look regularly the display screen for see at what Gate I will go boarding and a view on others flights departures. To 04h32pm, the gate was display.

During a walk between all Gates, I see a food distributor with M&M’s and write that on the paquet -PARANO-, I bought in the second, WHY? cause it’s Borderline Personality Disorder, I not going eat M&M’s to give at my parents but I keep the paquet.

Approach toward the gate for boarding.

A airplane, Some palms, some cactus, A airport.

It’s 04h40pm boarding was start.

Let’s back home.

Waiting 24 minutes after boarding and not in airplane set up, a technicien we says if back on boarding area because the airplane has need more technical checks.

In 05H40pm we waited in boarding area for an indeterminate time. I search again a load station at this time and I’m angry that it’s a delayed and I’m alone delivered to myself, after about 40 minutes the boarding restart now.

In 06h28pm in plane and I’m a angry and take off in the few next minutes. (06H38pm) it was.

Take Off back home.

View, view, view, view… again and again.

Clouds and Nice weather but I’m not enjoy the flight.

Landing at 07h32pm.

Welcome here.

On the Floor Time.

I’m reunite with my parents and take the road for back home, I ask for eat a Cream Ball cause, I wanted eat a Ice cream and I had nothing eat since the day.

Back Home around 08h40pm and go to bed early around 09h40pm.


This was a special that I wanted to do for learn things by me and autonomy cause I’m a adult person.


YES and No.


I can to be proud of me, I did it.


This is A Skip Day day’ s post.




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