A Day In The Life {Summer Edition}

Hi! It’s a “A Day In The Life” posts Summer Edition.


I love to do “A Day In The Life” posts, I don’t why exactly but I love to return in back and see how my days were and to do the best for found new things for that my days are again better and I love see that in despite of my mental disorders and some bad days, I’m always here and… happy on some days. I love all these kinds of posts to recap and return to see on few months later. I love read also these kinds of posts from others bloggers, see how is their life, found inspiration in their best things.


Last year, I told me that this year, I will to do four a day in the life posts, one each season.

You can found my Winter Edition 2018 and my Spring Edition 2018.


And now for today it’s my SUMMER EDITION.


The day that I review today it’s Tuesday 31st July, it was a typical summer day in my life and… a special day a little too because the 31st July include my favorite annual night of the year. I let you see why below.


Let’s start.

I put my alarm clock for 8h30am. And here a screenshot of my favorite sleep app on my iPhone, it’s Sleep Cycle. I record every nights my sleep with this app and I love looking to see how my sleep was. I understood better my sleep with this app, besides the fact to see when and how much time I was awake, sleeping or in a deep sleep, I love see my percentage of sleep quality and now when I wake up I know before watching the chart how my sleep quality was because now I know recognize the signs who tell that I had a good or bad sleep. And for the alarm clock, the app use your best sleep phase for wake up you slowly and comfortable during 30 minutes. Since their last update, I can set my wake up hours directly on my Apple Watch also, it’s too cool. I could talk about this app in the next few times in a dedicated to her post.

Follow wake up, I take my breakfast, in summer and on the early sunshine and hot days I take my breakfast outside on the terrace. This day, it was a milk cereals bowl with a strawberry smoothie… and my medication, of course, Lamictal 25mg. Fact note: On this day, I couldn’t finish my cereals bowl because a butterfly has decided to land in my bowl.

When I eat my breakfast outside on the terrace and that it’s sunshine and early hot, I love to take a quiet time just after, stay on the chair and stay here for feeling the early hot weather. This day I took about 15 minutes.

I follow by dressing me,… all kind morning things.

Recently, I did few photos sessions with my cat and on this morning I had planned one… If my cat was always so sweet during the past sessions, on this morning, she did not want that I do some photos of her… she wanted just go out because it’s really hot these days in my city and my cat loves hot days. She hidden her behind my bed so same if I love to take photos of my cat, I decided it must be a good time of play and cuddles that she loves and not a time where she is uncomfortable. When I saw that she did not want, I stopped the session and I let her go out, I told me I could plan another day.

10h 30am. I took a picnic snack in my backyard, nutella sandwich and a multi-fruits Capri-Sun.

I directly followed by play with my bow, I love playing with and I was a little angry on this day in cause of a BAD comment that I saw on Instagram on a photo of a family-blogger that I follow, they have a 6 years old adopted girl who struggling with visible healthy issues and this girl is so strong she is my INSPIRATION, I was so bad and angry when I saw that… I tried to take out my anger by playing with my bow but I did not manage to play really good on this day but I took out a little of my anger like even.

11h00am. I went in my bedroom for watching a little of Malcolm in the Middle and…

working on my blog. I recently switched from wordpress.com to wordpress.org for more liberty and it was a hard work, I struggled with some problems and I do not fixed again all problems. But I love to work on my blog so it was a good time.

12h30pm. Eating lunch. Rice with sauce carbonara. I do not eat a lot these times. I’m in a phase like that and eating inside because outside it was really too much hot.

It’s 33°C/92°F and a feeling of 37°C/99°F.

Between 02h00pm to 03h30pm, I worked again on my blog during watching Malcolm. I love watch sometimes this tv show, it’s a tv show that I watch since a long time and he accompanied me few years back when I was a teen depressed with self harm acts and suicidal ideas, when I watched it, I laughed and I felt better during the time to watch. This tv show was a lot with me.

After I took a little quiet time/nap on my bed.

04h20pm. It was time for go in the outdoor spa and pool. I spent good times to apply sunscreens with my new favorite Anthelios Comfort Lotion.

I spent time about 1h30 outside in the backyard, I mixed between spa, pool and relax on the lounge chair. Usually, I spend a little more time but this day I wanted to be ready early for my night.

After my shower and take care of my skin by applied hydrate lotion. At 06h00pm I ate two nutella crepes.

And I’m back to work on my new self-hosted blog during about 1h. And watch Malcolm in the Middle in the background.

08h00pm. We ate dinner. A cheese sandwich.

I follow to get ready and check my photography materials because on tonight, I went photoshooted my favorite thing of the year. The 31st of July is my favorite night of the year since 3 years. On 1st August, it’s Switzerland Independence Day, I live in France at the frontier from Switzerland and Basel is the Swiss city the least far of my home, he did the firework on 31st July night, it’s a really big firework. The first time I saw it on 2016, it was the first bigger firework of my life that I saw. In 2016, I asked to my parents just to go for go out a little and take a little some photos. I did not think that I would like come back to it in photography every year. It’s my favorite. It’s 3 years in the row AND I’m ready for the next year!

Before we left home, my psychiatrist text me for canceled the appointment of the next day, because she is sick… ok, one year ago, I was hard to have a psychiatrist appointment canceled and it could have ruined my night but today it did not to do anymore. I can also understand that my psychiatrist can to be sick, in more I was sick also the previous week. I text her back “Get Well”.

09h10pm. We left home. This sky.

And stopped by Mc Donald Drive for an Ice Cream.

11h00pm. The firework start. For about 30 minutes. But this year, I was a little disappointed about it. I found less bigger compared to the past years. And I missed the begin, the time to found the good place for put down my camera. So I took only 15 minutes in photos. I’m like even ready for next year and want to come back.

Next day, when I watched my photos. I was always a little disappointed to have missed the first 15 minutes during found the best place for my camera but also I saw that my photos were better than the two previous years, I progressed a lot in my practice to photograph fireworks and I’m so happy about that, it’s really not easy to take good firework photos, it’s a real work to found the best settings.

Ending: I was disappointed to have missed firsts minutes but I’m managed to take better photography that the previous years. 31st July 2019 Basel Firework, I’m ready and excited to be!

01h00am on 1st August, we were back home and go to sleep.


It was a summer a day in the life edition.




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