A Day In The Life {Spring 2018}

I did my first A Day in The Life post of the year in January and when I planned this first one, I planned to do a “A Day In The Life” post every three months, I found good, like that in more it’s at each season.


I love read these kind of posts on others blogs and I just love these ” a day in the life posts”.

Today, I document my wednesday 25 April, it was a typical day of these times. On this day the weather was gorgeous, sun was here and the temperature was 25°C/77°F in hotter time of the afternoon. I did not have of anxiety on this particular day but I was again angry and disappointed of my psychiatrist visit on monday, I was a lot again angry and mad.


– 08h30am. I wake up, get out of bed, I going eat my breakfast, on this morning it was two raspberry jam sandwiches, two bottles of natural actimel and my medication Lamictal 25mg.

– 9h00am. I brush my teeth, hydrate my skin, get dressed.

– 09h15am. I went play and cuddles a little with my cat… I love playing specially on mornings with my cat.

– 09h30am. I work on my blog during about one hour, I check my post for this day if all is right and write my next day post and I started other posts that I planned.

– 10h50am. I went out, my dad and I drive my mom at his physiotherapist appointment and during his appointment, my dad and I went to do few errands in a mall.

In the hall of the mall, there was some temporary exposures of fake big animals, elephants, snakes,… zebra was my favorites among all exposed. It was cool!!!

– 11h45am. We left the mall and come back for pick up my mom of his physiotherapist appointment.

– 12h30pm. Back to home, I ate my lunch including creamy lemon pasta.

– 01h30pm. I started to bake a Lemon Cheesecake.

– 01h45pm. During that the cheesecake is in oven, I take a nap in my bed with two absolute favorites: bear stuffed animal and blanket.

– 02h30pm. After check if the cheesecake is cooking good in the kitchen. I went back in my bedroom and work on my blog and few others things on my MacBook/iPad.

– 03h40pm. I took a little break of my work and I drunk a Mint Ice Cream Milkshake.

– 04h00pm. I finished the work that I planned for this day, I watched Monk and in the same time…

… I played with Water Beads during 30 minutes. It’s too cool this thing, I can’t stop to play with, I love sensory games, on wednesday I was again angry and disappointed of my psychiatrist visit two days rather and playing with this help me to calm my anger a little, not my disappointment but my anger.

– 05h00pm. I check my cheesecake and I do some photos of my cheesecake before let him again in refrigerator for eat a piece in dessert tonight.

– 05h40pm. I ate a snack including some peanut crackers and watching again Monk on the same time.

– 06h30pm. My mom wanted talk to me about summer vacation so I had a discussion with her.

– 07h00pm. I ate my dinner including Chili Hot Dog… without hot dog, I have a obsession to eat that these times. I love, I have a obsession.

I ate a piece of my Lemon Cheesecake also.

– 07h30pm. I took a big bubbles bath and I put my pyjamas.

 – 08h00pm. Tired, I went in my bed with my blanket and I worked on my MackBook and watched a movie “Daddy’s Home”.

– 11h00pm. I turned off all the lights.

This was my wednesday.


A day in the life {Spring 2018}.


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See you tomorrow for my april movies review, I watched a lot of movies in april.


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