A Day In The Life {Fall Edition}

Because it’s my favorite kind of posts to read on other blogs. See peoples how they fight anxiety and try to stay strong with their mental disorders during all the phases of a day. Because the anxiety can to be so different from a time to another time of the day. They are my favorites! This year, I decided to do “a day in the life” post during each season because life is so different from one season to another. I loved the idea to do one post by season! Here we are at Fall! Already! Yes! Check out winter here, spring here, summer hereI love to do “a day in the life” posts also because I love to return in back and see how my days were and to do the best to find new things for that my days are again better. Today, I will to documenting my Tuesday 23, October 2018. It was an of my currently typical Fall day. But! It was also a special day. It was my sister’s birthday. She turns 32. Ok. We did not celebrate his day on this day but we have celebrated on Sunday. It was not a day with anxiety. I had my usual anxieties, obsessional thoughts. But! I live with that since much long that they are a part of my life. Unfortunately!!! It was all the same not a day with a lot of anxiety.


My day start generally around 8h30. Late? Yes, maybe but not for me! Few years ago and during many years when I was in the deep of my depression my days started around 10h30 so 8h30 is a new big deal for me. 8h30 is my new hour since about one year! It was a really big deal in the beginning! Now, it’s easy, it’s my hour! And I love to wake up me at this hour! One rule that I have in the morning. Don’t watch my phone before that I take my breakfast. It’s easy to watch your phone just when you wake up but now I fix me this rule. I’m enough with all the screens in the day so in the morning I take a little break. I go down the upstairs for take my breakfast, this day it was Nutella french toasts with two bottles of Actimel and my medication, here Lamictal 25mg and Sertraline 25mg. After. I go back in my room and now I check my instagram (just instagram) and the published photos during the night (yes! with the jet lag between usa and France). This morning, I sent a Happy Birthday animation to my sister and a little cat because she loves cats. I finally brush my teeth, dress up me,… And it’s time for work. If you want to learn more about my school work at home schedule check this post.

It’s about 09h30 when I start to work. Currently, I work a lot for training me on my driving theory. I worked on my Spanish and on my blog during the morning. During I training myself for my driving theory, I saw a question where I was curious about an indicator on the dashboard so I asked my dad to show in real on the car.

12h00pm. It’s time for lunch, my mom cooked bolognese pasta. I loved! It’s a long time that I did not have to eat bolognese because of my disgust about meat. It was a big test on this day! I loved!

These days, I do not sleep good, not enough hours! In the afternoons, I do not work so in the beginning of the afternoon, I took a little nap with my favorite soft blanket. Little?! I don’t know! I took a nap of 1 hour! Not so little! Boo! It’s clear, I do not sleep enough hours in my nights! I do not sleep before 2h00am. 6 hours of sleeping and I need of about 8 hours of sleeping normally. Around 2h30pm, I went to ride my bike outside in the forest around my house. It’s a current favorite, ride my bike in the forest! I love! Ride in leaves. I feel a good ambiance in this forest. I enjoy these last time in this forest where I went since that I’m a kid before I move. I stayed about 1 hour, I ride, walk, pick up leaves. It’s cool! I love this time! It was a little cold but it’s the Fall ambiance. In totally, I ride my bike about 30 minutes but I’ve stayed 1h in the forest to enjoyed this place.

Back home and after to have been in the forest world. I want to color a leave. I grabbed up my colored markers, a Halloween episode of psych and few pieces of chocolate. And! I spent a time to color the leaves. What colors in my mind!

At 04h00pm I drunk a hot chocolate. And I’m back in my bedroom for work on my blog.

Around 5h00pm. We went did few errands with my parents in a decorations store and I stopped by Halloween shelves. I wanted to buy something for my cat. And the Christmas shelves were in constructions but I saw this little cutie, soft big white bear. So cute!

Back home, I give to my cat his new Halloween accessorize that I bought it. Ok! My cat does not love wearing something. But! Here by surprise, she loves it! maybe it gives him heat. I don’t know. She loves it! And I’m happy about that!

This sky during sunset.

At dinner around 07h00pm. I ate scrambled eggs with ketchup. It’s my frequent dinners when I do not really want to eat. After dinner, I took my shower, brush my teeth,… I have a self-care nighttime routine. Check it my entire routine described here. At 08h00pm I took a little time to watch another psych episode and search inspiration for my future bedroom in the IKEA book. During the evening, I equally select few books to throw because I added few these last times. I add one new – I throw an old! It’s my minimalist lifestyle!

By 9h00pm, I started a 1500 pieces puzzle and watching Halloweentown. I love this Halloween movie! I finished my day with Pinterest inspirations and I started to buy for Christmas things, decor, books, gifts, clothes. Yep! At 0h00am, I turned off the lights. And I slept around 1h30am. I have few problems for fall asleep these times. And in more! I do a lot of nightmares full of details. When my nightmares are full of details, it’s not have some restful nights. Ggrr!

And that’s a wrap! I love reading about other people’s schedules, and seeing how they go about their days, how they fight their anxiety or disorders during a all day long. You have a post like this on your blog, let me know it and the link in the comment section! I could go read it. Now, this is a typical lazy Fall day. Fall is the hard season where this year I work hard for changing my feelings. Fall have been always my depressive season. I work hard for change that! The bike ride in the forest, coloring the leave, the sky colors and Halloween errands are my favorites of the day who match with my goals to enjoy Fall.

Thanks for reading!



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