A Day In The Life – Disneyland Edition

This kind of post it my favorite to reading on other blogs. I love to see how other peoples deal and manage their routines during one complete day. Last year, I have done a day in the life post at each season but this year I was not in the mood to do it. We’ re in the middle of the year and I have done any post like this again. The other day, I thought, why not to do it on a special Disneyland day. My Disneyland days are precious for my mental health. But it’s not some easy access days! They are full and shake up complete my daily routines. I have to face anxiety including my social anxiety. But these are the best ones! The next day followed my Disneyland day last week, I was thinking about my day during editing my photos and I realized that I had ZERO flashbacks during all the day! It’s not happened since months! However, on this day I could have been destabilized on a few situations. But not! I was just good! And my mood was good all the time! It was so good and it’s precious a day like this! I’m grateful to have chosen this day to do a day in the life post, not because it was at Disneyland but to write down my feelings on this particular amazing and different kind of day that usually. My Disneyland day trip was on Tuesday, June 4.

On a Disneyland day like this, I setting my alarm clock at 04h15am. 04h15 early that usually at 08h30am. Ouch!!! It’s hard but right it’s for going at Disneyland. I take my medication, get dressed and to do a few morning things. I left home for the gare station at 04h45am for to be around 05h20am. I have my TGV at 05h42am. Before I grab breakfast in the boulangerie at the gare station to eat it in the TGV. On this morning, I had a beautiful sunrise show view during the TGV touching 320km/h speed. Right! I live at 500km away from Disneyland. I have 3 hours of TGV, I try to continue a little my night or see a last time my plans for the day before going in or I simply look the view outside. At 08h42am, I arrived at the gare station of Marne La Vallée, at two minutes walk of the Disneyland Paris park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

On this morning, I was again more excited and nervous than during my two previous day trips because I had my first ever annual pass holder that I got a few weeks ago in my mailbox. And I was excited to use it and use the magic hours. On my previous trips, I had to wait that the park opens at 10h00am but this one just arrived, I could to go already in the park. I was nervous because I didn’t know what entry to take with a pass holder. There the principal entry who opens at 10h00am, the entry for the hotels but I didn’t know for the pass holder. Finally, the same entry that the hotels was good.

It’s just before 09h00am and I’m in the park. I feel always in a dissociation time at this moment. Because never before last December I could have thinking that I could to be here in Disneyland Paris and in solo. On the beginning of the morning, I have the habit now to snap a few photos on Main Street USA during the walk until the Castle. Right after, I started to go in Fantasyland because it’s my favorite part of the park with Main Street USA and it’s the land where there are the more of attractions open during magic hours. For this first time in the magic hours with my pass holder, I decided to go in my favorite land. My first attraction of the day, I decided to do it’s a small world to start the day with the heady music. Next, I have done Le Carousel de Lancelot. I took photos of Fantasyland during a bit moment and around 10h00am, I left Disneyland park to go at the Walt Disney Studios park.

During leaving the park, I thought it was so calm during magic hours and it was so nice to walk with just a few peoples in the park. I was so happy to have experimented the magic hours because it’s amazing! And I do not regret to have to take a little more expensive annual pass holder to have the magic hours in more. Arrived in the Walt Disney Studios, I went on the first attraction that I wanted to do, Studio Tram Tour. I love all about behind the scenes and co, it was my first time and I loved the tour in the tram with some special effects scenes during the tour. Right after, I went to do the attraction Ratatouille with only 2 minutes waiting time in the single rider line. I love this attraction! I have done it on each of my last trips and I decided that it’s a ONE that I could to do each time that I go at the parks. I love it and it’s so fast with the single rider line! It’s in some moments like this that I love to be alone in Disneyland and enjoy by my own. I spent the rest of the morning to take photos inside the park and at 11h30 I went to see the Moteurs, Action… Stunt Show Spectacular. It was a crazy amazing show with stunts.


At 12h00pm, at the end of the show, I tried to find something to eat and I have chosen a sugar marvel waffle. It was fun and tasty! The weather started to be really hot at the mid-day. At 12h50, I went waiting to see the SuperHeroes show. It’s actually the season of superheroes in the Walt Disney Studios. After 20 minutes waiting, a cast member comes to tell that the show is canceled because of a problem in the backstage. Well! It did not even give me a bad mood to wait 20 minutes for nothing. Around me the most peoples were in a bad mood but not me! It was surprised how I managed calmly. I just decided to continue my day with the rest I have planned. I have done a few souvenirs shops in the Walt Disney Studios and I took the way back at the Disneyland park and saying by at the Walt Disney Studios for this day.

Passing by Main Street USA, I enjoyed taking again more photos before to go at Frontierland. Well! I never was again at Frontierland and Adventureland in the park, I was always more on Fantasyland. I decided that this trip I could dedicate more time at discovering these two lands. I walked and looking around me before going to take the Thunder River Mesaboat. It was nice this cruising on the river because around 02h00pm, the temperature started to rise more than 30 degrees Celsius. A little fresh air! Right after, I walked again a little to discover Frontierland and Adventureland before going back at Fantasyland. On the way, I passed in front of a few characters and it was really cool to find different characters during walking, I saw Minnie, Chip and Dale, Aladdin. Really cool!


I looked on the app what attractions in Fantasyland were with low waiting time and Le Pays des Contes de Fées who was on my list to do was with 5 minutes of waiting so I have done it. Here despite to be on the water, it was not refreshing.  At 02h30pm, I went to eat a vanilla ice cream after to have hit the 20 minutes line. And I just sit down and enjoyed in a calm and shady place outside my ice cream and a break during listening to the Fantasyland loops. I wanted to do Casey Jr, in the app the waiting time was 5 minutes but in reality, it was 35 minutes so I gave up. And I walked between Fantasyland, the sleeping beauty castle and Main Street USA during one hour to take photos.

At 04h00pm, I looked on the train app to see if all about my train planned at 05h02pm was good! Right! No! My TGV is planned already with 20 minutes of delay and it’s possible that I miss my train connection. In normal time, it’s could maybe anxious me and take me in a bad mood. But not! I just enjoyed again a little time on Main Street USA and say bye, see you next month at Disneyland and like usually I leave the park at 04h30pm. I took the way of the gare station, my TGV is always delayed with 20 minutes. Many trains were delayed anyway because of electric problems probably because of the heat, storms are also planned! Well! Many times the delay of my TGV been lengthened. For finally, hit the 50 minutes of delay and at this moment it was sure that I will miss my train connection. During all the time I was calm! At any moment this situation anxious me! At any moment I was in a bad mood like normally I could to be! I just told me that I will wait and see how I will to do when it’s the time. I was equally grateful that this big delay did not happen on my TGV of the morning if not I could have missed time in the parks. On the evening, I could just come back home later. At 05h52pm, I finally board my TGV. I had two hours of TGV where I took a look on my photos and I tried to sleep, I equally eat a sandwich for my dinner. I missed my train connection but like I know the Strasbourg gare station where I have my train connection with all the time I come in to go at my psychiatrist appointments. I know that on this train line there is about every 30 minutes or 1 hour between each train. My TGV has arrived at 07h42pm and I ran between the platforms to catch the next train at 07h49pm. I finally caught this train and I’m grateful because the next was only at 08h49pm so I could have wait 1 hour. Well! At 09h30pm, I was back at home. One hour more than excepted. Righ! The cool side of this: like my TGV had 50 minutes of delay, I had the right at an indemnity.

Well! Back home I was a little hungry and hot so I ate an ice cream sandwich before going to the bed at 11h30pm. I didn’t talk about each attraction waiting time but I do not go on an attraction who have more than 15 minutes of waiting time. Attractions are not my priority! Take photos it is! That was a full day! I had zero flashbacks, I was calm all day, my mood was always good even during the destabilizing situations. It pretty amazing for me and I’m grateful for this day! That wraps this day! It was a day in my life Disneyland version. Thanks for reading!


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