A Day In The Life // Christmas Edition, Shooting, Feelings

Well! I love to read this kind of post on other blogs. This year on mine, I shared a day in the life in each season winter, spring, summer, fall and I loved the idea to add again another in the Christmas season. Christmas season is my favorite time of the year despite my high anxiety because of the new year anxieties who is close. I will document Tuesday 11, December, (yesterday). It was a typical day in the christmas season. Until! The end of the day! At the very end of the day, I learned a terrible and scary new in some ways. There was a shooting in Strasbourg, I went just in this city about 24 hours before. And I go each monday for my psychiatrist visits. In my yesterday post, I even shared few photos of my walk in the streets and christmas lights. My thoughts and feelings about this new could to be at the end of the post (because it was on the night).

My alarm clock is around 08h30am. But I have some troubles for getting out of my bed these last times because I fall asleep late (around 02h00am) because of my tendinitis pain. Before 09h00am, I’m finally out of my bed. And go downstairs to take my breakfast and my medication. I did french toast and I use a cut out cookies to do gingerbread man form, I took my Lamictal and drink two bottles of Actimel. Back upstairs, I did all the morning kinds of stuff. Get dressed in christmas season colors. Around 09h30. I decided that I wanted wrap few gifts before start to work. I love wrapping!


Around 10h00am. I worked on my blog post of the day and on my driving theory. These last weeks, I did some progress on but I have some works again! Until lunchtime. Lunch time calls me. This day was an exceptional day because I was hungry. It’s really really rarely about 3 days in the month (depending of my cycle time) that I’m hungry. I continue in my goal to eat more vegetables. I ate a green beans christmas tree. Right! It was good!


This cutie searches each sunbeam. Nice for her, the sun was here on this day. After lunch, I vacuumed until I was not able anymore because of my tendinitis pain in my hands. Too painful!


In the beginning of the afternoon, I took a nap, and rest time for calm the pain in my hands with my cozy and softness blanket. That’s helped a little! I think the biggest help during the high tendinitis pain is laying down in my bed and take a rest. I put a hallmark christmas movie in the background.


At 02h30pm, I went outside with my parents, did few errands, buy the last piece for my mom’s christmas gift. Later in the afternoon, my parents had a meeting about the insurance for the new house. I ate a manala in waiting.


Back home in the evening, I opened the window day of my advent calendar and drink a hot cocoa. 07h00pm. Dinner time. I ate scrambled eggs and a yogurt.


And it’s time for my night time routine. I took my shower and co. And it’s time for my favorite, wear cozy and festive pajamas. It was around 08h00pm and I’m going on my bed and work on my laptop. 08h45pm. I changed activities. I took my christmas coloring books and I colored. I turned on my tv and open my dvd player for watching Home Alone. On the night, I have written and organized plans for my Disneyland Paris trip for optimize my day too.


I finished all that around 11h00pm. I have a friend who texts me that she was worried because of what happened in Strasbourg because she knows that I go often at Strasbourg. Right! At this moment, I had no idea of what happens. I took my phone and search on google and I just see that there was a shooting in the heart of Strasbourg. Just where I went about 24 hours before! I show some peoples are dead, the city is locked. After few minutes, I had many feelings. Sad, worried, scared. Sad, when I think that I was just there and that I go often on the mondays for my psychiatrist visits and I love to walk in this city. The christmas market and decorations are just so much amazing. I share photos here and here. After, I was worried about my therapist because she lives there. And I was just thinking I hope she could be save as well as family. It was just so worried.

To take out the bad things of my head, I watched another christmas movie Santa Baby around 0h00am in the same time that I tried to fall asleep. Thanks to the movie, I managed to sleep and without to do too many nightmares.

This morning, I finally by to be a little reassured because my therapist texts me and asks me if I was going well about this new like in more I was there 24 hours before. Right! But today, I feel weird. A shooting has never happened in a city where I go often. And where the last time it was so close! I have no words! But I feel all right!

It was a day in the life christmas edition and so much more. Is a shooting has already happened in your city where in a city you go often? What have you felt? I would love to hear from your experience!


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