A Day in The Life {05.09.2017}

Today, it’s a day in my life post.

This is a long time that I wanted to do a post A day in the Life but I wanted to do on a special day and yesterday the “special” day has arrived. This special day I’m waiting him since a long time (december 2016).

What is this special day? It is in fact a day where I went alone at my psychiatrist visit, cause my anxiety and fears I can’t go alone with (30mns of car, 50 mins of train, 15 mns of walk, back and forth). In reality I’m feel able to do alone the go but on the return the walk from my psychiatrist cabinet to the gare station, I’m feel not able to do. So, one thing after some long talk with my psychiatrist she has found the idea she accompanied on walk for help me for after some essay I can to do alone and combat my anxiety and fears except the car I don’t have driving license.

Go alone at my psychiatrist visit it’s a things that I wanted so much, I want so much more independence and to be able to do things alone at 20 years old.

Ok, “A day in the life” post, the recap of my yesterday day, a special day on the way of found independence in my life.

I put the alarm clock at 08H30 AM as all days generally, the wake up was a little hard because I woke up with stomachache.

Around 08H45 I went out of my bed.

I went down in the kitchen for take my breakfast, brioche with nutella, milk.

Around 09H00 I decided to get on in my room and work with my mac and I decided to rest in my pj’s for more cozy at this time cause I had always stomachache is more powerful.

Around 10H09 AM I decided to stop work on my mac and put myself in my bed, so much I had stomachache and wait for it is pass.

Around 11H50 I was ready for go out of house, I took 0,50mg d’Alprazolam, and get dress but always with a stomachache even if the pain was reduced.

Around 12H00 on the way of the station with the car (my father get me).

Around 12H40 after have bought my lunch and train ticket, I was alone on station dock with a lots of peoples that I did not know during 15 mins, at this time I was not specialy Anxious.

The train departure was at 12H46, I went inside, check and decide of my seat and I sat down quietly.

I check a little outside and around me after I decided quietly to eat my lunch. Warning not healthy lunch! A pretzel and a piece of chocolate milka, I had not ate all pretzel particularly where it was overbaking because my tooth problems.

Calmy with no anxious, waiting that the train arrives at the station.

Around 01H39 It’s done.

I go down of the train walk of dock at the tram city station that is underground of the station, I walked around 5 minutes, took my tram ticket. I decided to not walk and explore the streets alone for that I had so much anxiety.

I go underground and always with no high anxious.


I waited few minutes the tram city and took it, rest inside just about 4 minutes and down at the station in front of the my psychiatrist cabinet.

At 01H50 was at the cabinet. The appointment was at 02H00

I waited a long time before she has finish with the patient before around 25mins. The big deal with my psychiatrist this day was we went outside of cabinet for to face at my anxious outside in the streets with the peoples some appointments before we had decided to walk a little and eat a Cupcake.

Around 02H25 she left the patient before took me, I pay my psychiatrist before we went out, I ask also a medical prescription talk quickly of prescription I waiting she dress up and it was time to go out.

We had walk about 9 minutes in the streets until the cupcake shop, we had no really talk during the walk a little just few words, it is better for me, ok, at this time my anxious was not high.

Around 02H45 we had order cupcakes I choose a mint, lemon (I have not all eat). We had talk a little of food and my tooth problems, yesterday it was not really a appointment for talk but more on the field as a cognitive behavior therapy a little for to do face at my peoples society fears on the streets when I’m alone.

Around 03H00 we had left the Cupcakes Shop for take the way of the gare station while walking in the streets about 9 mins.

We had arrived at the station, the previous times my psychiatrist accompanied me until the station dock and this time for go ahead in my manage of my fears I asked her to left me in the hall of the gare station, and it’s done.

Around 03H14 I arrived on the dock station and the train departure is at 03H20, ok, I was no with a high anxious but calm to be go alone at my psychiatrist visit even if the travel was not finish.

I climb in the train, found a seat (my favorite) and sit quietly and wait that the train go way.

I was a little in a dream at this time, to have done it since the time that I had wait for to do it. The photo montage above represent my mind on the way, a dream: in a train around trees but my mind in a plane with clouds.

Normally, the train is arrived at 04H14, I went down on the dock station lots of peoples but no high anxious.

My father wait for drop off me of the gare station.

Around the gare green space.

Around 04H20 in the car for come back at home.

Around 04H45 I arrived at home, check the mail and found a letter that I wait since 4 months, it’s a letter for a answer about disabled adult allowances that I did the demand, a answer with date/hour for medical visit for could pursuing the demands but when I come back home I don’t open right now the letter I was too stressful for what it was inside.

I drunk before a Smoothie Strawberry-banana.

After my mom was back to work, she talk.

Around 06H00 I wrote my yesterday post and watch Monk.

Around 07H25 I ate my dinner Buns Bolognaise.

Around 08H25 I put my pj’s for comfort.

I love the sun lights with shutter in my room in evenings spring/summer.

Around 08H45, I ate one chocolat fondant.

I drunk one tea.

Around 09H05 I went in my bed with my blanket and I watched 2 episodes of NCIS New Orleans Season 1 in DVD.

Around 10H25 I took 0,25mg of Alprazolam, text a message at a of my favorite people and took off the lights and time to sleep.

This is  “A day in the life” at me during a special day for learn to manage my fears and to take more independent in my life of adult.

It’s done.




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