A Day in The Life {01.15.2018}

Hi! today I will posted “A day in The life” post because I love see these posts types on the others blogs and with the blog I love also come back and re-see these days. This is my yesterday, with a typical monday where I went at a of my psychiatrist visit. This was a anxious day a little in general but if not it was good, there was not a lot of anxiety.

I woke up at 9h30am after a not very good night.

… yes, I have 21 years and I sleep always with a stuffed animal, and what?

Say a little hi, good morning! to my sleeping cat.

I took my breakfast is 2 bottles of natural actimel and my medication: 25mg of Lamictal.

I stayed a little in pj’s for a cozy morning.

At 10h30am, I ate a little snack and drink.

I follow directly on working on my blog post of the day.

At 11h30am I got dressed and took my new bag for my psychiatrist visit… Found here, I declared I love so much this bag.

At 12h00pm I leave from home and at 12h46pm the train is going.

At 01h39pm the train is arrived and for go from gare station to my psychiatrist office I have two choices, take about 5 mins of city tram or walking for about 10 mins, I choose always walking, the walk is not always easy and with some anxiety because I must have passed on peoples, streets,… that give me anxiety, yesterday I took new streets I had a high anxiety but I managed to go until the end of the streets and of this new way.

My psychiatrist visit was to 2h00pm, I arrived to 01h50pm but my psychiatrist was delayed so she took just to 02h25pm I waited almost 40 mins.

The vist was enough good, I sent her a email on friday and I took and shown her my 2017 years photos book because she wants often that I show her some photos and she has founded my photos book wonderful and told me that I have really good talent in photography. That’s makes pleasure.

It’s about 03h00pm when I finished my visit and let’s go for drink a hot chocolate from starbucks.

Drinking during walking on way of back to the gare station.

I let the gare station to 03h21pm.

… during 55 minutes I listened musics and arrived to the departure gare to 04h13pm.

I had to a order to return at the post office and the women in the office was crazy she told me that I had to deposit elsewhere that in post office my order while that it’s here to the post office that I had to deposit… after 20 minutes of driving I went in a other post office and the women in this post office took my order.

Back home at 05h00pm, put my home pants.

Cuddles at my cat.

Opened my two orders.

Drinking and snack because I have nothing eat to lunch.

After talking to my mother during a time.

06h20pm, I’m back in my room and working on my blog post of the day before posted him to 06h30pm.

About 07h00pm and dinner time with cheese and pretzel bread.

After dinner, I work on packing for my trip because the next day it’s departure.

Pack all electronics is the most complicated for me.

At 08h30pm after cleaned me,

in my pj’s watching “the dog who saved vacation” and drunk my proteins like every nights.

Bedtime to 11h00pm.

That’s wrap my yesterday day.


I will be away of the blog during some days because I’m on a trip.

See you next monday.




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