A Day In EuroPa Park

Sunday, I was at Europa Park with my parents and sister. Europa Park is a theme park in Germany, the largest just in Germany and the second most popular theme park resort in Europe. The park is located in south-western Germany at about 1 hour of driving by highway from my home.


Back in October and December 2017, we were for fall and Christmas seasons and now it was time for summer season also. It’s 8 months since the last time and between this time in May 2018, the park was touched by a tragedy, indeed a big fire incident happened, destroying the Scandinavian theme area and some attractions were and are always closed. I was so sad when I learned that. I was excited to come back. My family are not too good for organized a day like that, it’s me who organized the planning in the park.


I had an awesome day. I did what I have planned, the ambiance in the park was good. The weather was beautiful, sunny, hot.


We left home around 10h00 am. After arriving in the park, the rest of my family wanted to eat lunch, me I did not want, I found that it was waste of time so during they eat, I took the time to walk and explore a little the park areas where I did not have planned to take my family.

I’m just arrived at the time to see the water jets show in the France area. It was so beautiful, I loved!

I love the ambiance in this park and in the France area is an of my favorite area.

I walked around Germany area. I love it also, I found this place below on the photo, a beautiful and peaceful place.

The fact of my eating disorder I can’t eat really in a park but I love so much smell food areas. Here, in Europa Park, there is a lot of candies/popcorn areas, I can stay hours to smell, it’s a heaven.

I finally back in Italy area for pick up my family and we took the direction for take the train panoramic. From Halloween, passing by Christmas until Summer, I love this little train.

And we took a little calm time on the water.

Next step, Fjord Rafting, I went with my dad and sister, my mother can’t do it in cause of his healthy problems. After 45 minutes of waiting.

Fun, wet, eventful,… fun, fun!

We finally walk and took the Train-Express in Greck area and we wanted to do the go around the park in height version summer because we already did but in winter. I found the park clearly more lively in summer because in winter the water attractions are closed and there is like even few big water attractions. But I love it also so much in winter, it’s so beautiful for the eyes and mind in the Christmas season, I think it’s better to stay on the ground at the cold seasons.

We did few souvenirs and shops. Before left the park I even decided to eat something. And I love friench fries, it was good!


We left the park around 04h00 pm and I’m happy about this day.

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