A Birthday-Christmas Getaway

I just back from a birthday-christmas getaway in the French Alps. In France, on December 15, we are passed from a lockdown to a curfew. We left the house on December 19, my birthday is on December 20, and we go back home on December 26. This is the very first time that I go on a trip for my birthday, this is also the very first time that I spend christmas outside from the house. And it was a white birthday-christmas!

It’s currently a bit hard in the mountains in France because the French gouvernment refuses to open ski lifts. We planned this trip weeks before than the French gouvernment announces that ski lifts could be closed for christmas holiday. When we planned I was supposed skiing. But I was not able because the ski lifts are closed.

When the French gouvernment announced that ski lifts could stay closed for christmas holiday, it was a deal to choose to keep or cancel this trip. I was afraid to feel myself bad awhile I’m already in a mental breakdown to going in the mountains and do not be able to skiing. After many, many reflections, I finally have chosen to keep this trip and going in the mountains even if I can’t skiing. Because my family wanted to go, and after two months of lockdown at home I supposed that it’s could be good to go outside from the house. And seeing snow! I told myself that it’s could be good for my current mental breakdown.

Well! First, it was weird to go outside from the house more than three hours and without an authorization signed for the first time in two months. It was good and hard this trip! Effectively, it was really hard to go in the mountains with snow and do not be able to skiing. Really hard! It was heartbreaking! My mood was bad sometimes because of this! Like ski lifts are closed, there is almost any peoples in the ski resort and even if it’s a good thing because of social distances, it was really hard on my depression side, seeing the ski lifts stopped in the mountains with no peoples around awhile it’s an of the busiest moment in ski season in the French Alps on christmas holiday, it was just depressing. It’s depressing me like when I imagine Disneyland Paris empty. It’s so hard!

Well! On the good side, I spend my first birthday and christmas with snow. It was some long time ago dreams, more than 15 years. Right! On December 24, it’s started to snowing a bit, and when I wake up on christmas morning, all the trees were covered by a big layer of snow, and it’s snowed all the day of December 25. All The Day. From morning at night. It was so beautiful. I spent most of my day to watching the snow fall from behind the window. The snowflakes were so beautiful all day! I have even watched Disneyland Paris Christmas Watch Parties with the snow fall in the background. It was so peaceful! And that’s maybe a good thing! Because usually, when I’m in the mountains I spend the most of my time on the slopes to skiing and practice my ski skills to progress, I do not regret it, but I have never really took the time to sit down more than five minutes (between two slopes) and watching the view of the mountains (even if you see the view when you ski, I learned that it’s not the same thing). I spend most of my days this week lay down on the couch wrapped on my cozy blanket to watching the view from behind the window. It was so relaxing! I loved these moments. Between some beautiful sunny days to foggy days and snowing days. It was peaceful! And it was maybe what I needed a bit after this lockdown. Right! I spent time outdoor also, to walk, roll myself in the snow but it was hard mentally because I was a bit depressed to spend time outdoor and do not be able to skiing. I preferred stay behind the window. And even if it was really hard emotional do not be able to ski, I loved spend time watching the view behind the window. I spend time to take a bit of photos also, because in the same way when I’m skiing I don’t take time to take photos really in the mountains because I dedicate all my time to skiing. I think on my last ski trip in January, I haven’t took my DSLR with me because I knew before the trip that I do not wanted take time to photograph the mountains but to practice and progress my ski skills. Right! This time, I took the time to take photos also. And it was a bit good! I equally decided that it’s could be a relaxing trip and planning nothing, just going with the flow. And after these two months lockdown, it was good!

Right! This trip was hard emotionally between the fact do not be able to skiing and my mental breakdown. I dealt a lot with my emotions! But I had some good. And I spend one and my first white christmas with big snow fall all day. It was a dream! I left you with a few photos of this week.


That wraps this birthday-christmas white getaway. It was special! Thanks for stopping by!



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