9 Favorite Things To Do in Winter

Winter is my favorite season of all since that I’m a kid. In the area of France where I’m living, the winters are cold and the snow is sometimes here. It’s starting to be rare that it’s snowing, when I was a kid every winter there was a lot of snow but since a few years, that happens less frequently. Last week, we had three days in the row where it was snowing, it was so magical. But! The snow is not stayed on the ground. We have mountains with a ski resort about 1 hour of drive away from my home. It’s so cool! I remember often the winters full of snow when I was a kid, going to school in the snow, building snowmen in the backyard. Winter is my fav! I know a lot of peoples do not like winter because there is no sun, it’s cold and they prefer summer. Me. Winter is my favorite season! I love more to wear ski clothes than short and t-shirt. These are nine favorite things that I love to do in the winter season.

Ski. I started the ski last year, and it’s now my favorite thing to do in Winter. The ski gives me the possibility to manage to fight my anxiety. To see the life differently in positive. The perspective at the top of the mountains is so differently! I love skiing! I have anxiety when I’m skiing (I hope to fix that this season)! Because, I’m an anxious person but this is amazing. I love skiing!

Sled dogs. Last Winter, I have done my first time sled dogs. It was awesome! It’s so beautiful! It’s an experience to do in the life.

Trip in mountains. Trips in the mountains are now for skiing. But since that I’m a kid, we took every year trip in the mountains. This kind of trip is not only if you are a skier, but there is also a lot of various activities. The altitude, nature, mountains, the view all these are so good for the mental health. I feel just better happy when I’m in mountains.

Cozy under my blankets. Right! It’s an of my biggest favorite. When it’s cold outside, it’s again better to take cozy blankets and wrapping you under. It’s amazingly comfortable.

Walk outside. Put four layers if it’s cold and let’s take a walk outside in the cold. The advantage when I do it, I have less anxiety and obsessional thoughts. Right! The cold freezes my neurons;)

Drink hot cocoa. My favorite time to drink hot cocoas it’s when I come home from the cold weather outside. It’s so cozy, comforting, I absolutely love it!

Baking cookies/cakes. I love particularly baking chocolate cakes in winter. In more with the oven, the house warms up and I feel cozy with the heat from the oven.

Photography the snow. Trees covered by snow, mountains and all between winter and snow. I love more photograph in winter than summer, I have more inspirations!

To Do puzzles. Blocked inside by the cold?! My favorite season to do puzzles is winter. I love to do puzzles.


There is a lot of things to do in winter! But we do not see them because we are focused to see that there is no sun in winter! I think winter, is the best season because it’s the better time of the year for to be cozy and the season where we can just have the pretext that we want to be cozy under blankets on the couch. What are your favorite things to do in winter?



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