6 Ways To Cope With Social Anxiety

I’m back on the blog after a Tuesday full with a Disneyland day and yesterday, I spent my time to edit and organize my photos taken at Disneyland Paris. I already shared my favorite tips to cope with anxiety in daily life BUT today, I will share how I cope with my social anxiety. Back from a solo trip at Disneyland Paris, I wanted to share how I cope with social anxiety because without these helpful tips that I built after months of practice with, I couldn’t be able to do a solo day like this.

I have social anxiety since a very long time, during my childhood I was always shy and after living seven years of school bullying, I developed social anxiety. During many years, I was locked at home because of my social anxiety. Many things in my life have done that I wanted to try to go out and to do new adventures. For this, I had to cope with my social anxiety and in the beginning, it was hard. Experience after experience, I found what was helpful and how to cope with social anxiety to let me the experience to do new outdoor adventures. I share all my best tips that I use all time from a little neighborhood walk to a solo trip with nights.

Brings cozy. Cozy is probably the more helpful tool of all my life during anxiety or flashbacks. I try in maximum to surround me with cozy things at home. Next plan was to brings cozy with me outside. It was really hard in the beginning of this project to find what cozy things was acceptable to brings outside with me during new adventures. I’m jealous of the baby who snuggles with their cozy blankets outside. Seriously! From clothes to a few accessories, brings cozy things with you outside it could help you to feel more comfortable.

Solo travel. Traveling in solo is the best thing who help me to cope in general with my social anxiety! Learn and experience during my solo trips help me to have more confidence in myself and feel more reassured. I can even now talk a few words (not big conversation again) and look at peoples during my travel without almost any anxiety.

Breathe. The most simple but the most helpful, breathe slowly! Particularly during an anxiety attack.

Look my phone. I use this tip less often but it occasionally very helpful in some situations, particularly when some peoples around me anxious me in a social place like in the train or at Starbucks. I simply look on my phone, sometimes I do not do anything on it but just look on the home page of my phone.

Google street view. When I want to go in some unknown places like on a solo trip, after to have planned and see what I could want to do. I go on google street view and try to looking at how it looks. This way helps me to take knowing with the place and see if it’s a place where I could feel good, a little or big anxious. Looking on google street view before going on a new place helps you to feel less in the unknown once there, just look more familiar because you already see it even if it’s only virtually.

Find outdoor activities that you love and invest inside. This is my best tip ever! Since that I found outdoor activities that I love, I’m motivated and I try to invest inside. During I practice my favorite outdoor activities, I feel better socially and even if there are peoples around me. Find activities that you love could motivate you AND at these moments your anxiety could to be lower.


I have again social anxiety but I decided that I do not want to private me of new adventures that I would want to do because of my social anxiety. I have again a long way to recover completely from my social anxiety but right now I feel happy of all my big progress that I have already done. Two years ago, I was not able to go outside of my home in solo and I didn’t see me able to do it. Now, I go outside in solo on some full day trips and even on some solo trips with nights. And I regularly want to add new adventures! I can equally now talk to some peoples in some simple situations, a thing that I was not able to do it before because of my social anxiety. That’s amazing for me! All these tips that I shared are helpful in each of my trips. What are your favorite tips to cope with social anxiety?



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