6 Months Without Anxiolytics Update

Ok. YES!!! It’s now 6 months or again the half of one year that I manage my anxiety without anxiolytics, it’s not easy, it’s hard, it’s complicated, it’s sometimes with a desire to take it again. The last update it was that time of three months without anxiolytics… a lot is passed since the beginning of october. Today, a little 6 months without anxiolytics update. I’m proud of me.


A little recap before… between my one month without anxiolytics and my three months without anxiolytics, the times was not easy I wanted often take anxiolytics again because I was not good like I explained in my three months without anxiolytics post I didn’t know if I will continue to manage and resist with my mind to do not take anxiolytics again… But I’m managed!!!

I can’t tell that it was completely easy these passing times three to six months, a lot of anxiety was here, more in function of some weeks, in function of how was the weeks, I wanted more or less take anxiolytics again.

But on the background in real… in despite of my anxiety it was easy to do not take again because just I founded that take anxiolytics again couldn’t to be a big help on the long term for manage my anxiety.

That’s my mind between my three and six months after I stopped to take anxiolytics same if my anxiety was always a lot here… and I continue with this mind.


The life with anxiety is far to be easy, but take anxiolytics is not the solution for the long term.

Take care. xo


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