50 Things That Make me Happy

Happy things! It’s easy to be focused on the bad things during daily life and forget all the things that make us happy. I wanted to do a new challenge and find 50 things that make me happy, 50 is a big number but I wanted to do this challenge. It was no easy! After about 30 things it started to be complicated but it’s worth it to see that there are so many things that can make me happy. The work now is to include all these things or at least a part in my daily life for even on the bad and hard days, I can see happy things and trying to stay focused on. There are so many things!

  1. Snuggles with my cozy blankets.

  2. Skiing.

  3. Going at Disneyland Paris.

  4. Going on solo trips.

  5. To be in the mountains with all the snow.

  6. Watching sunsets.

  7. Photograph fireworks.

  8. Watching Law and order: SVU.

  9. Christmas season.

  10. Mickey’s face.

  11. Photograph Main Street USA.

  12. Positive quotes.

  13. Fighting my anxieties.

  14. Work on my blog.

  15. Walking outside.

  16. Looking at beautiful water jets shows.

  17. The city of Nice in France.

  18. Neutrals colors.

  19. Minimalism lifestyle.

  20. Trying new adventures.

  21. Drink hot cocoa.

  22. Summer mornings.

  23. Watching Modern Family.

  24. Take photos.

  25. Filming.

  26. Winter activities in winter.

  27. Summer activities in summer.

  28. Find inspirations on Pinterest.

  29. Cozy clothes.

  30. A house simple, clear and organized.

  31. Feet in the sand.

  32. Bonifacio in Corsica.

  33. Cruise ships.

  34. Photograph sunsets.

  35. My sweetie cat.

  36. Cupcakes.

  37. To do laundry.

  38. English.

  39. Take airplanes.

  40. The United States Of America.

  41. Editing videos.

  42. Planning details some trips.

  43. Cherry Blossom Flowers.

  44. Working on my future solo trips.

  45. Watching Christmas Parade at Disneyland Paris.

  46. Pumpkin Patch.

  47. Creating my yearly photo books.

  48. Interior design.

  49. Philips Hue.

  50. Packing cubes.


What are the things that make you happy? I would love to hear from you!



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